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Fiber laser cutting machine for making metal crafts
Fiber laser cutting machine can be used for rough industrial production as well as fine metal crafts manufacturing. In the processing of metal sheet, the cutting speed of fiber laser cutting machine is much higher than that of traditional plasma cutting machine and flame cutting. The surface of metal crafts processed by laser technology is smooth and flat, without burrs, and of good quality.
Metal handicrafts have a large market. Whether it is home decorations or shopping mall decorations, exquisite metal workpieces can bring people a beautiful feeling. The metal laser cutting machine creates a variety of practical, beautiful and fashionable metal products through perforation, hollowing, cutting and other processes.
The fiber laser cutting machine produced by the ACCTEK factory can cut any desired pattern on the metal material for you.  Due to the non-contact processing method of laser cutting, when you are producing metal handicrafts, you only need to put the metal plate on the workbench without fixing. It saves the time for clamping the workpiece and improves the efficiency of the workshop.
The high-quality laser metal cutting head has stable optical quality, which ensures the cut metal crafts are more beautiful and finer.In the video you can see that in the process of fiber laser cutting metal, the cutting seam is very small, which is conducive to reducing the distance between workpieces and improving material utilization.
Fiber laser cutting machine is professionally used for cutting and perforating stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet and other metal sheets. Facing the rapid development of metal manufacturing industry, having a suitable metal laser cutting equipment can bring you a larger market and more customers.

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