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Fiber laser cutting machine cutting thick metal Influencing factors
Fiber laser cutting machine is buyed by most metal manufacturers because of their high precision, high speed and low operating costs, and gradually replace traditional metal cutting equipment. In the process of cutting metal plates, some users will find that when cutting some thick metal plates, the cutting effect of the finished product will have problems such as wide slits, large cutting edge slopes, non-vertical slits, and slag on the bottom. Why does this problem occur?
When the fiber laser cutting machine cuts thick metal plates, the slope of the finished product is mainly affected by the focal length and focus position of the processing lens. When the laser cutting machine processes thick metal plates, its processing accuracy will deteriorate with the increase of the thickness of the plate to be cut, which will result in large slits, and the verticality of the trimming will also deteriorate due to the large slits.
Laser cutting thick metal plates requires a laser beam with a large depth of focus and a long focal length
The slit width of laser cutting steel plate is directly related to the laser beam mode and the diameter of the focused spot. Because the energy density and power density of the laser beam are related to the diameter of the laser spot. In order to obtain a larger energy density and power density, in the laser cutting of thick metal plates, the smaller the diameter of the laser spot, the better.
The focal spot power density of the long focal length laser head is relatively low, but its focal depth is large, which can be used to cut thicker steel plates. The focal length is short, the focus spot is small; the focal length is long, the focus spot is also large, and the depth of focus changes.
In addition, if you want to achieve thick metal plate cutting, it is best to use a high-power fiber laser cutting machine. The higher the power, the greater the thickness of the plate that can be cut.

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