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Fiber laser cutting machine cutting square tube video
Metal tube is a common material in the industrial field. It is widely used in the automotive industry, construction industry, decoration industry, and fitness equipment manufacturing. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of mass production of metal tubes, fiber laser cutting machine has become the mainstream equipment in the metal tube processing industry.
Most metal manufacturers are well aware of the role of fiber laser cutters in flat panel processing, but what about fiber lasers in tube cutting? In fact, both cutting speed and cutting accuracy are excellent. The video shows you a laser tube cutting machine with auto feeding system, you can see the process of laser cutting square tube in the video.
Tube fiber laser cutting machine is a professional equipment for cutting metal pipes. The maximum length of the tube that can be cut is 6M, and the maximum cutting diameter is 220mm. And through the automatic feeding device, the whole bundle of pipes can be accurately and intelligently divided and loaded, which reduces the time for manual pipe placement and improves the efficiency of the workshop. You can see that the tube laser cutting machine is equipped with a segmented automatic support device. This intelligent pipe support design can effectively solve the deformation problem during the cutting of long pipes.
In the video you can see the greater flexibility of laser cutting square tubes. Because the laser can cut and hollow out any pattern on the square tube, it provides favorable technical support for personalized processing. And the laser cutting square tube does not need to open the mold, which greatly reduces the cost of the first mold opening of the traditional cutting equipment, so that the cost of a single product is lower.
The CNC laser tube cutting machine adopts electric clamp design, and the machine chuck can automatically adjust the clamping force according to the diameter of the pipe. Even when cutting thin tubes, it is guaranteed that the tube will not be damaged due to excessive clamping force. In the process of laser cutting square tube, the method of rotary advancement is adopted, which has higher centering accuracy and processing accuracy, and ensures that the finished metal tube has higher quality.
The metal tube laser cutting machine can not only cut square tubes, but also process round tubes, rectangular tubes, hexagonal tubes and other heterosexual tubes, and has a wide range of applications.

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