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Fiber laser cutting machine application of different power
Fiber laser cutting machine is a very popular metal cutting equipment with very high processing efficiency. Compared with traditional machining processes, fiber laser cutting technology is capable of mass production and cutting of materials. Especially in recent years, both the cutting process and the cutting speed have been improved to varying degrees.
Fiber laser cutting machine has 1000W-12000KW power to choose from, so what power fiber laser cutting machine is more suitable? This article provides you with the cutting effects of different power metal laser cutting machines, which you can use as a reference for purchase.
Can cut 8mm carbon steel and 4mm stainless steel. It is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises and sheet metal manufacturers whose processing requirements are not particularly high. Users in industries such as kitchenware manufacturing, decoration and advertising, etc., gradually replace traditional industrial equipment such as water cutting and low-power plasma.
2000W-4000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
It can cut 14-20mm carbon steel and 6-10mm stainless steel plate. The leading role is aimed at large and medium-sized enterprises and some laser cutting metal service providers.
Fiber laser cutting machine with power of 8000KW and above
In addition to cutting carbon steel over 25mm and stainless steel over 20mm, it also has a good effect on cutting copper, aluminum and other highly reflective materials. It is mainly aimed at enterprises that process large quantities of sheet metal or non-ferrous metals.
The power of fiber laser cutting machine is an important factor affecting the price of laser cutting equipment. The higher the power, the higher the working efficiency of the product and the more expensive the price. But not the more expensive the machine is the more suitable. Choose according to the cutting needs, in order to buy a cost-effective fiber laser cutting machine.

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