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Fiber laser cutting and CO2 laser cutting combined machine
The video shows you a multifunctional CNC laser cutting machine that combines a fiber laser cutting machine for cutting metals and a CO2 laser cutting machine for processing (cutting and engraving) non-metals. Among them, the metal cutting is completed by the professional Cypcut control system, and the non-metal cutting is completed by the Ruida control system. Two functions can be flexibly cut according to the material type, and the application range is wider.
As you can see in the video, first we did a stainless steel cutting test. This process is operated through the Cypcut control system, which is a professional controller for metal cutting. The metal cutting head uses a Raytools autofocus laser cutting head. This auto-focusing laser head only needs to find the focus for the first cut, and then when cutting, the laser head will sense the thickness of the metal plate and automatically adjust the height to find a suitable focal length. This intelligent control method not only avoids the mistakes that may be caused by manual focusing, but also greatly improves the efficiency of the workshop. We used fiber laser cutting machine to cut 1mm stainless steel and 7.6mm stainless steel respectively, you can see that the metal edge is smooth without burrs after cutting, and the cutting effect is very good.
In addition to the metal cutting test, we performed the cutting test of acrylic and MDF using a CO2 laser cutting system. CO2 laser cutting adopts Ruida control system, which can engrave and cut various non-metallic materials. You can see that the process of laser cutting acrylic and laser cutting MDF is fast and smooth, and the section is smooth and beautiful. This processing method is very suitable for making crafts and decorations.
The biggest feature of the AKJ1530F-2 combination laser cutting machine is that the functions of metal processing and non-metal processing are integrated into one machine. Users only need this machine to complete the processing of various materials, and there is no need to buy another machine. It can save workshop space and reduce the cost of purchasing multiple machines. You can use it to process metal materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, and non-metal materials such as wood, acrylic, plastic, and leather.
Another thing I need to introduce to you is that this machine adopts a double gantry structure. If two laser cutting heads are installed on a gantry, then the machine can only be equipped with one cutting control system, in which the CO2 laser can only complete cutting, not engraving. The advantage of the double gantry structure is that the two laser cutting heads are installed on separate gantry, equipped with two independent control systems to control the fiber laser and CO2 laser respectively. By adopting an independent control system, the CO2 laser cutting head can not only cut, but also engrave, and has more functions.
Through this combined cnc laser cutting machine, we can see that many machines can be customized to maximize their functions, and this is more budget-friendly than buying two separate machines. At ACCTEK LASER, we are committed to providing users with the best laser cutting solutions. If you have special processing needs, communicate with us, and professionals will customize multi-functional laser cutting equipment for you to meet your needs.

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