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Fiber Laser Cutting Steel plate warpage problem solving
Fiber laser cutting machine in metal cutting is very common. However, when some customers are cutting steel plates, the phenomenon of warping of the cut sheet metal occurs, which will affect the normal cutting process in severe cases. This post analyzes the reasons for the deformation of laser cutting steel plates and preventive measures for everyone, hoping to effectively solve this problem when you encounter it.
When laser cutting metal sheets, a large amount of heat is generated near the laser cutting head, which can easily lead to sheet deformation. After it cools down, the steel plate will warp due to the extrusion during deformation. Another reason is physical phenomena. After laser cutting metal, the steel plate will also warp due to the unbalanced fulcrum of the table.
Solution to the warping problem of laser cutting steel plate:
1. Regional avoidance
Area avoidance can be performed through the running track generated by the metal cutting software. Whether it is a part or a waste material, if the outer surrounding size is within the range of 12-100mm, the laser cutting head will walk under the path of 20mm outside this outline and will not pass through this area. If you want to pass through this area, you must raise the laser cutting head to walk, avoiding the problem of collision due to warping of the sheet.
2. Increase the micro-connection point
Metal cutting software can add single or multiple micro-connection points for workpiece when adding laser toolpaths. The purpose of adding micro-connection points is to connect the cut metal workpiece ​with the steel plate by means of joints, so as to effectively avoid the warpage of the steel plate.
3. Increase the efficiency of laser cutting metal, speed up the cutting speed, and minimize the temperature difference between different areas of the cutting workpiece.
The above three methods can solve most of the problems of laser cutting steel plate deformation, and hope to help you process metal plates

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