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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Rotary Axis in Brazil
We have a fiber laser cutting machine with a rotary axis currently working in a Brazilian customer's workshop, here is the photo he sent us. With the help of ACCTEK engineer Kim, the user has been able to operate this metal laser cutting machine proficiently.
The fiber laser cutting machine AKJ1530FR is equipped with a rotary axis device, which enables it to cut metal tubes in addition to metal plates, and the types of materials that can be processed are more diverse. The rotary shaft device is designed with electric clamps on both sides, which can cut pipes with a diameter of 20-200mm. The chuck can automatically adjust the clamping force according to the pipe specification to ensure that the thin pipe is clamped without damage.
The plate tube fiber laser cutting machine adopts an auto-focusing laser cutting head, which can automatically find the best focal length instead of manual focusing, which is not only more efficient, but also avoids errors and failures caused by manual focusing. With the servo motor, it can ensure the machine runs smoothly and the cutting precision is higher in the process of cutting metal.
Fiber laser cutting machines with rotary axis have greater flexibility and can meet the production demands of more industries. Multi-purpose machine, more cost-effective. Equipped with professional metal cutting control system, easy to operate, suitable for comprehensive processing and manufacturing enterprises.

In addition to the dual-purpose metal laser cutting machine for tube sheet, ACCTEK LASER also provides you with various models of fiber laser cutting machines. Whether it is machine table size, laser power, or other components, everything is customized for you according to your needs. Start chatting and learn more.

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