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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine overburning problem solving
The fiber laser cutting machine will generate a lot of heat when processing sheet metal. If the heat is not diffused in time, it will cause a overburning phenomenon. In addition, when cutting thick metal plates, the molten metal on the surface of the material and the heat accumulation during the perforation process will disturb the auxiliary airflow, and the heat input will be too much, causing the edge to burn.
How to solve the problem of overburning and slag when fiber laser cutting machine cuts metal?
When the metal laser cutting machine cuts small holes on carbon steel plates, the problem of overburning can be solved by changing the auxiliary gas. When laser cutting carbon steel, if oxygen is used as an auxiliary gas, a large amount of oxidation reaction will occur. Therefore, users can use oxygen during laser perforation; change to nitrogen during laser cutting, which can prevent a large amount of heat energy from being generated due to oxidation reaction in the subsequent cutting process, resulting in overburning.
When the metal laser cutting machine cuts aluminum alloy and stainless steel plate, nitrogen is used as the auxiliary gas. Generally, the problem of overburning will not occur during the cutting process, but the phenomenon of slag hanging will occur. The solution to this problem is to increase the pressure of the auxiliary gas and set the cutting conditions to high peak output and low frequency pulsed laser beam.
When fiber laser cutting machines process metal materials, there may be a little flaw. As long as more debugging experience is accumulated in the daily operation process, these problems can be solved slowly.

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