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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine dust cleaning method
Fiber laser cutting machine is a kind of metal cutting equipment familiar to practitioners in the machining industry. With the long-term use of fiber laser cutting machines in the workshop, a large amount of dust will inevitably be generated during the metal cutting process. The dust of the fiber laser cutting machine will affect the heat dissipation of electronic components and the sensitivity of photosensitive components. Common phenomena include failure of light detection, computer CPU fan not rotating and other problems.
In order to better maintain the machine and prevent the machine from malfunctioning, the user should clean up the dust in the metal laser cutting machine in time. When the fiber laser cutting machine cleans dust, it is necessary to pay attention to certain methods.
The dust on the metal laser cutting machine body can be cleaned in any way. However, it should be noted that the dust in the laser cutting head should be carefully cleaned. If it is not cleaned properly, it is easy to scratch the lens, resulting in the inability to accurately position the cutting.
There is an anti-reflection coating on the surface of the protective lens. Never touch the protective lens of the laser cutter directly with your hands, as skin oils can permanently damage the lens surface. You can do this while wearing gloves.
Always use a clean rag and optical grade solvent when cleaning the protective lenses of a metal laser cutter to prevent damage from other contaminants. Wipes must be moistened with a suitable solvent and must not be used in a dry environment.
The dust generated by cutting metal may contaminate the cooling water, so pay attention to the replacement of the cooling water and the cleaning of the water tank. It is recommended to clean the tank and change the water cycle once a week.
Dust may seem like a small thing, but if you run your fiber laser cutting machine for a long time without cleaning it, the dust will eventually affect your cutting accuracy and productivity. For machines, daily cleaning is always the basic maintenance plan.

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