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Fiber Laser Cutting Head Ceramic Ring Replacement
As a consumable in the daily use of the fiber laser cutting machine, the ceramic ring needs to be replaced by the operator from time to time. So what are the most common reasons for the damage of the ceramic ring, and what phenomena will prompt us to replace the ceramic ring after it is damaged?
As one of the wearing parts of the laser cutting head, the ceramic ring is prone to cracks in the ceramic body due to collision of the laser head or excessive heating of the ceramic body due to excessive laser output power during daily cutting use. After the ceramic ring is damaged, the following two phenomena are most often exhibited: there is a problem with cutting (for example, the cutting and perforation fails) or the system display shows an error "the capacitance of the body becomes smaller, larger, or 0". When these two phenomena occur, This means that the ceramic ring may be damaged.
So, how should the ceramic ring be properly replaced after it is damaged?
Step 1: Unscrew the nozzle of the fiber laser cutting head;
Step 2: Loosen the ceramic ring lock nut;
Step 3: Take out the ceramic ring, pay attention to the position of the positioning pin and the position of the washer;
Step 4: Install the new ceramic ring, pay attention to the position of the positioning pin and the washer during installation. After the installation is in place, the ceramic ring should have no shaking and no looseness;
Step 5: Tighten the ceramic ring lock nut, tighten the nozzle, and re-calibrate.
According to the video show, you can clearly understand the replacement method of the ceramic ring in the fiber laser cutting machine.

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