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Fabric CO2 Laser cutting machine with auto feeding device
Clothing, curtains, pillowcases, seat covers and other common fabric products in life have unique designs. All these exquisite patterns are completed with the help of a laser cutting and engraving machine. In addition to being specialized in fabrics and textiles, the CO2 laser machine can also cut and engrave patterns on the leather used to make bags, belts, shoes and other items.
ACCTEK has a laser cloth cutting machine with automatic feeding device, which is widely used in the production of cotton, polyester, nylon, silk and leather fabrics. The CO2 laser machine can perform high-precision engraving and cutting of the fabric without contact with the material, ensuring that the fabric has no burrs or wear during processing.
The fabric CO2 laser machine produced by ACCTEK has an automatic roller table and feeding device. It adopts crawler working table and negative pressure absorb conveyor, make sure the smooth of materials when cutting. Working with auto feeding system, can meet the requirements for continuous and automatic batch cutting.
Leather materials: genuine leather, artificial leather, soft leather, decorative leather, etc.;
Textile materials: pure cotton, real silk, various chemical fibers, felt, denim, etc.

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