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Color MOPA Laser Marking Machine for stainless steel
Although we are moving towards new types of materials being used in industry but steel or roughly metal still remains the king of the industry. It goes without saying that every metal part being manufactured in a factory needs marking tags for identification.
If you’re looking for an all-rounder marking machine, fiber laser engraver is the name. It can mark any kind of information on your metallic parts. Be it a logo, a serial number, a bar code, a pattern or anything, fiber laser engraver does it all smoothly. These marking machines use the latest technology that can help you mark your product efficiently and professionally. It has a very high operating speed thus it can save you some precious minutes or hours.
These machines employ a solid-state laser source. As the name suggests, these engravers consist of optic fibers which transfer information in the form of light which is then translated into a laser beam. The laser beam is eventually responsible for marking which can happen through various ways like engraving, removing the surface layer, color change, etc.
The color fiber laser marking machine is selected from the JPT brand, a professional fiber MOPD generator supplier in China, with high precision and stable performance. It can be used not only for standard marking of metal and non-metal materials, but also for color marking of stainless steel.
The video shows the marking process of the color laser marking machine. The pattern is fine and the color reproduction is high. The marking pattern can be permanently marked.

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