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Can Fiber Laser Cutting Machine cut copper material?
Fiber laser cutting of highly reflective materials is an important challenge for many metal project manufacturers. Highly reflective metal materials have always been difficult materials for metal laser cutting machines to cut, including copper, aluminum, etc. These materials are also more common materials in our daily processing.
For the cutting of copper products, many workers have problems with the specific operation and parameter adjustment of the metal laser cutting machine. To achieve high-precision metal cutting is not only dependent on the machine, but also requires some experience. This article introduces how the fiber laser cutting machine cuts copper materials.
Auxiliary gas is required for cutting highly reflective metal materials. When the fiber laser cutting machine cuts metal copper, the added auxiliary gas reacts with the material under high temperature conditions, which can increase the cutting speed. For example, the use of oxygen can achieve the effect of supporting combustion. Nitrogen is an auxiliary gas to improve the cutting effect for laser cutting equipment.
When using a metal laser cutting machine, there is no need to worry about whether it can be cut off. At this time, the processing effect should be paid attention to, and nitrogen is the best auxiliary gas. When the thickness of metallic copper increases, it cannot be processed with nitrogen alone. At this time, oxygen must be added to oxidize it before cutting can be achieved.
The fiber laser cutting machine equipped with 4000W IPG laser source produced by ACCTEK factory is used to cut 6mm aluminum and 8mm brass with good cutting effect. Selecting a suitable metal laser cutting machine and adjusting reasonable parameters play an important role in cutting copper and other highly reflective materials.
When users are cutting copper, they not only see whether the material can be cut, how much can be cut in one hour, but also the accuracy of material cutting. How to grasp the cutting accuracy of the fiber laser cutting machine is the most important.

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