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4000W Fiber Laser Cutter for copper and reflective metals
In the field of laser cutting metal, the cutting of highly reflective metal has always been a difficult problem for fiber laser cutting machines. This is because highly reflective materials such as copper and aluminum have low absorptivity for laser light and will reflect the laser beam a lot. Therefore, burrs or cracks are prone to occur during the cutting process, and in severe cases, the laser generator may even be damaged.
While laser cutting highly reflective materials is more difficult, that doesn't mean it can't be done. As long as it is equipped with a suitable laser generator and adjusted with reasonable parameters, high reflective materials such as copper and aluminum can also obtain good cutting results.
This 4000W fiber laser cutting machine from ACCTEK is equipped with an IPG laser generator, and we tested its performance in cutting highly reflective metals. As you can see in the video, the 4000W fiber laser cutter can cut 8mm thick copper material at a maximum speed of 16mm/s, and the cutting edge has no burrs, and the effect is good. When cutting 2.5mm thick copper, the speed of the metal laser cutting machine can reach 60mm/s, which is very suitable for batch processing copper workpieces.
The video also shows you the process of metal laser cutting machine processing galvanized sheet, aluminum, carbon steel, in which the cutting thickness of carbon steel reaches 18mm. It can be seen that the performance of the 4000W IPG fiber laser cutting machine is very stable and powerful. It efficiently cuts thick and highly reflective metals, making it an ideal tool for metal fabricators.
When using fiber laser cutting machine to process highly reflective materials, the correct use of assist gas is also a key factor in ensuring successful cutting. Nitrogen is a better choice when piercing and cutting copper. Because nitrogen is chemically inactive, it is not easy to react with the workpiece to be oxidized, which can prevent oxidation well and ensure the uniform color of the cut product. It should be noted that the use of nitrogen-assisted metal cutting requires higher purity.
In addition to the correct use of auxiliary gas, when laser cutting highly reflective metals, it is necessary to patiently adjust the cutting parameters and pay attention to the cutting speed. As you gain more experience with fiber laser cutters, you will eventually get the best results for cutting highly reflective metals. If you encounter problems when cutting copper and aluminum, our professional laser cutting machine engineers will also troubleshoot and solve problems for you.
The 4000W IPG fiber laser cutting machine produced by ACCTEK is specially used for cutting metal materials, and it also has good cutting effect on high reflection metals such as copper and aluminum. Consult now for more professional laser cutting metal advice.

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