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30KW ultra-high power laser cutting machine for cutting carbon steel
At present, the fiber laser cutting machine can be fully applied in the field of metal processing. Whether it is common metal materials such as stainless steel and carbon steel, or high-reflection metal materials such as aluminum and copper, the fiber laser cutting machine can easily cut. With the continuous improvement of the power of metal laser cutting machines, the thickness of the metal sheet that can be processed is also increasing.
The video shows you the process of processing carbon steel by 30KW fiber laser cutting machine. There are 6mm, 10mm, 30mm and 50mm carbon steels for laser cutting tests respectively. Through the video, you can know that each thickness of carbon steel can be cut in batches with high speed and high precision. This means that the 30KW ultra-high power laser cutting machine has higher performance in metal cutting speed and metal cutting thickness.
With the continuous development of the industry, the metal processing industry has put forward higher requirements for laser cutting technology. The more than 10,000-watt laser cutting machine is widely favored by users of medium and heavy plate processing due to its higher power, faster speed, and better quality of cut products. The 30KW fiber laser cutting machine with ultra-high power is suitable for various sheet metal processing in the metal manufacturing industry. It can realize one-time processing and forming, the cutting surface is smooth, and no subsequent processing is required, which greatly improves the workshop production efficiency and promotes the development of the enterprise. The 30KW high power laser cutting machine AKJ2560F adopts a fully enclosed design, which makes the metal cutting process safer. Equipped with exchangeable worktables, the double-table design can make the machining process more convenient and quicker.
30KW ultra-high power fiber laser cutting machine has significant advantages such as high-speed cutting, bright surface cutting, thick plate cutting, etc., to meet the cutting needs of ultra-thick plates. In addition, the metal cutting equipment has also made great breakthroughs in technology. On the one hand, it is carbon steel air ultra-clean cutting. With a 30KW laser cutting machine, 6-35mm carbon steel air cutting can be achieved with almost no burrs, which saves costs and improves efficiency. On the other hand, carbon steel oxygen fast cutting, carbon steel oxygen cutting speed can reach 3.8m/min, and the speed is increased by 110%. The third technological breakthrough is nitrogen fast and gas-saving cutting, which effectively saves gas costs while increasing cutting speed.
Today, with the rapid development of industrialization, the application of more than10,000-watt laser cutting machines is an important factor for large-scale metal manufacturing enterprises to improve their internal competitiveness and gain a larger market and more users. The 30KW fiber laser cutting machine shows more application space and possibilities for metal cutting, which also means that high-power fiber laser cutting machines will become more and more popular.
As a professional fiber laser equipment manufacturer, we provide 1000W, 1500W, 2000W low power metal laser cutting machines; 2000W, 3000W 4000W 6000W medium power metal laser cutting machines; 8000W, 120000W high power metal laser cutting machines and 15KW, 20KW, 30KW Ultra-high power metal laser cutters and many other options. These fiber laser cutting machines are applied to different thicknesses of sheets, and can complete the work quickly with high precision. For more details on fiber laser cutter selection and operation, please contact us for a custom laser solution to upgrade your business.

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