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15KW fiber laser cutting machine cutting 50mm carbon steel
The video shows you the process and effect of cutting 50mm carbon steel by 15KW fiber laser cutting machine. Ultra-high power metal laser cutting machines have faster cutting speeds and the ability to cut thick metals. This is a metal laser cutting equipment equipped with IPG fiber laser, which is stable, reliable, flexible and durable. Here is an introduction to the features of the 15000W fiber laser cutting machine.
High metal cutting efficiency
Cut 1 mm thick sheet metal, up to 50 meters in 1 minute;
The positioning speed of the machine tool can reach up to 200m/min, and the acceleration can reach up to 2.8G;
Double table transmission, easy to exchange, more time-saving when changing materials.
High quality metal cutting
The high-power fiber laser cutting machine has excellent beam quality and a smaller focused spot, making metal cutting lines finer.
Equipped with top-level transmission configuration, the positioning accuracy of the machine tool is ±0.03mm/m;
No burr on the metal cutting edge, bright surface cutting, clear outline;
The 15000W laser cutting machine is equipped with cutting-resistant protection and anti-high heat protection technology.
Rich cutting functions
15KW high power laser cutting machine can mass produce 40mm carbon steel;
Equipped with leading technologies such as thick plate cutting, zero-second perforation, and flying cutting;
Optional high-pressure air cutting, aluminum alloy burr-free cutting and other functions;
Low operating cost
Laser metal cutting machine has low power consumption and low operating cost;
The whole process of workpiece processing is monitored, the waste rate is low, and the waste of raw materials is avoided;
Cutting thin sheet metal can choose air cutting, no gas consumption.
In addition to the above advantages, the high-power fiber laser cutting machine also has excellent shock resistance, high rigidity and stability, effectively ensuring high speed, high precision and high stability of the whole machine during metal cutting. The auto-focus laser cutting head can automatically and accurately adjust the focus according to the material thickness to ensure the best cutting effect of the entire sheet metal.
The 15000W fiber laser cutting machine can process carbon steel plates, stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, copper plates and various non-ferrous metal plates. It can be used to cut a variety of metal materials such as 50mm thick carbon steel plate and stainless steel plate, 25mm aluminum plate, 20mm brass, 8mm copper, galvanized plate, electrolytic plate and silicon steel.
In recent years, with the rapid improvement and development of fiber laser cutting machine, its application in the industry has developed from the initial processing of small structures to the processing of large structural parts, which has attracted more and more people's attention and recognition. This ultra-high power fiber laser cutting machine has been widely used in machinery manufacturing, aerospace, automotive industry, medical equipment and other industrial fields.

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