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widespread use of lasers
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As early as the 1980s, semiconductor lasers were only used for optical storage and a few niche applications.At that time, optical storage was the first large-scale application in the semiconductor laser industry.With the continuous innovation of semiconductor laser technology, the development of optical storage technology such as digital multifunctional disc (DVD) and blu-ray disc (BD) has been promoted.By the 1980s, optical networks had become the main battleground for semiconductor lasers.Later, semiconductor laser has become the key manufacturing equipment of communication network.

 The semiconductor laser manufacturing with simple, easy production, low cost, wide wavelength range, small volume, long service life, low energy consumption, electro-optic conversion efficiency higher advantages, in the disc, or CD machine, optical fiber communication, optical storage, laser printers, wide application, such as gradually covered the various practical market in the field of optoelectronics.With the increase of output power and the improvement of output characteristics, semiconductor lasers are playing a role in the field of industrial processing.In addition to directly participating in industrial processing, semiconductor lasers are more widely used as pump sources for fiber lasers and solid lasers. They develop together with the industrial laser market, and usher in new growth points with the explosion of fiber lasers.

 Due to the limitation of beam quality, conventional semiconductor lasers are difficult to be used for metal cutting directly.In recent years, with the improvement of semiconductor coupling technology and the gradual maturity of new beam combination technology, the semiconductor laser output from some optical fiber above the kilowatt level can also meet the requirements of beam quality for cutting.In addition, due to the diversity of the wavelength of the semiconductor laser, the short-wavelength semiconductor laser is very close to the maximum wavelength absorption of aluminum. 

 Therefore, in the automotive industry, the high-power semiconductor laser is very suitable for the welding of aluminum automobile body.

At present, semiconductor lasers with laser output power between 2KW and 6KW have been widely used in the production process of automobile industry.In addition, blue light semiconductor laser with its great advantage in the absorption efficiency of copper material, in the new energy battery electrode welding, PCB processing and other fields are more and more popular.

 In the field of direct material processing, the beam quality of semiconductor lasers is difficult to surpass that of optical fiber lasers, but semiconductor lasers are very suitable for thin plate welding and cutting applications.The development of high power semiconductor laser has made many important applications possible. Besides being used as pump source of industrial laser and direct material processing, plate-making printing, medical cosmetology and lighting sensing have all become important application markets of semiconductor laser.

 With the wide application of semiconductor laser in material processing, pump source, medical cosmetology, sensor lighting and other applications, the competition between domestic and foreign semiconductor laser manufacturers is becoming increasingly fierce.Leading companies are making continuous efforts in product performance improvement, application expansion and cost performance improvement.

As the two main technical routes of semiconductor laser technology development, the multi-mono-tube coupling technology and bar bar, stack array direct output and bar bar coupling technology have been developing independently in different subdivision applications with their respective advantages.

 Although most pump sources in the industrial laser market use single-tube coupling technology at present, bar, stack array and bar coupling have inherent advantages in power. With the continuous improvement of the power of fiber laser, bar technology is expected to gain a better development prospect.In addition, semiconductor lasers are also developing rapidly in the medical application, solid state laser pump source, high power direct processing and other markets, which also bring a broader space for the development of bar technology.In fact, these two schools of technology have their own characteristics. They can make up for each other in their applications and are fully compatible with each other in the market with huge growth. 

 They can promote each other and achieve common development.

 For domestic semiconductor laser enterprises, expanding the scope of technology reserves is of great significance for long-term development.

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