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You must know these frequently asked questions about engraving machines
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    A lot of workers because of some mistakes caused by abnormal equipment, more serious words to everyone's safety led to a certain threat.In the actual operation at ordinary times, must grasp the situation beforehand.Below with everyone detailed introduction of woodworking engraving machine common problems, in the application of the whole process to pay attention to this problem.If you are interested, don't miss it!
    1, return to zero
    People in the case of learning and training micrometer, are used up after its return to zero, also analyzed the negative impact of non-return to zero, will lead to bias.Woodworking engraving machine is like this, after the application to remember to immediately return to zero that will prevent excess deviation, not easy to harm the actual operation after.
    2. Adjust the speed ratio
    Before the application, must carry out with the speed ratio adjustment, otherwise there will be a broken knife.Because the speed ratio is too slow or too fast is not very good, the operation of the equipment will lead to a certain blocking effect.If you are right, you must pay attention to the insulation layer to maintain its own safety.
    3. Oil on time
    If there is a long time not to use it, to give it oil to make it high speed.I'm sure we all know that a temporary cardiac arrest on a computer after a period of time is not necessarily a scheduled start up, which is very helpful for the subsequent operation of the device and is not likely to be weakened by prolonged inoperation.

    In the application of CNC engraving machine case must pay attention to this matter, so that you can prevent some redundant error, this is the maintenance of CNC engraving machine a method.Regular implementation of woodworking engraving machine maintenance, it is very necessary, must remember to maintain on time.
    In the application of woodworking engraving machine, people must be aware of the steps of operation, if you do not understand the steps of operation or do not follow the steps of actual operation, not only will harm the progress of people's work, and may even cause the occurrence of accidents.
    1, start,
    In the case of starting, the first thing people want to do is to make clear that the CNC lathe woodworking engraving machine is not already connected with the electronic computer everything is normal, then turn on the switching power supply of the computer and the switching power supply of woodworking engraving machine, the system software after all normal starting, into the CNC machine tool.
    2. Mechanical equipment calibration
    Before the announcement into the working attitude, the first system software will distinguish whether the CNC lathe back to the starting point of mechanical equipment, so after starting people will first see a reminder prompt box, click the corresponding key, the CNC lathe woodworking engraving machine will be fully automatic repair to the starting point.
    3. I/O case
    To check the input and output of the data signal to see if there is any abnormal data signal.If not, you can actually do it again.
    4. Loading, production and processing procedures
    Before the woodworking engraving machine is declared to work attitude, the operator must first load the production process flow, without the proper loading of the production process flow, the equipment will not be able to perform fully automatic production and processing role.
    Click "Document F" or "Open and load O," and a hands-on prompt will pop up to select the documents that must be processed.Or the ability to right-click a computer mouse in a fully automated production and processing dialog, and a shortcut menu will pop up, select 'Open and Load' and in the prompt people will select documents that must be produced and processed.After the selection of open button, the production process can be all normal load system software, in this case, click "automatic" to query the production process you choose today.
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    Causes of engraving machine heating:
    1, For all kinds of stepper motors, the internal is composed of iron core and winding coil.The windings have resistance, current will produce loss, the loss is proportional to the resistance and the square of the current, this is what we often say copper derivative, if the current is not the standard DC or sine wave, will also produce harmonic loss;Iron core has hysteresis eddy current effect, in the alternating magnetic field will also produce loss, its size and material, current, frequency, voltage related, this is called iron loss.
    Copper loss and iron loss will be in the form of heat, thus affecting the efficiency of the motor.The stepper motor generally pursues positioning accuracy and torque output, with low efficiency, large current and high harmonic components. The frequency of alternating current also changes with the speed, so the stepping motor generally has heating, and the situation is more serious than the general AC motor.
    2, engraving mechanical and electrical machine heating reasonable range motor heating allowed to what extent, mainly depends on the internal insulation level of the motor.The internal insulation will only be damaged at high temperatures (above 130 degrees), so as long as the internal insulation does not exceed 130 degrees, the motor will not be damaged, and the surface temperature will be below 90 degrees.Therefore, the surface temperature of stepper motor at 7080 degrees is normal.The simple temperature measurement method is useful for the point thermometer, but also rough judgment: the hand can touch more than 1-2 seconds, not more than 60 degrees with the hand can only touch, about 70-80 degrees;A few drops of water vaporize quickly, then 90 degrees above.
    3, engraving mechanical and electrical machine heating changes with the speed of the use of constant current driving technology, the stepping motor in static and low speed, the current will maintain a relatively constant, to maintain the constant torque output.When the speed is high enough, the reverse potential inside the motor will increase, the current will gradually decrease, and the torque will also decrease.Therefore, the heat caused by copper loss is related to the speed.Static and low speed when the general high heating, high speed when the heating is low.However, the iron loss (although the proportion is small) is not the case, and the total heat of the motor is the sum of the two, so the above is a general case.
    4, the influence of tropical motor heating, although generally will not affect the life of the motor, for most customers do not need to care.However, severe fever can have some negative effects.For example, the variation of structural stress and internal air gap caused by different thermal expansion coefficients of each part of the motor will affect the dynamic response of the motor, and the high speed will be easy to lose step.Such as some occasions do not allow excessive heat of the motor, such as medical equipment and high-precision testing equipment.Therefore, necessary control should be carried out on the heating of the motor.
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