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Why use gas for fiber laser cutting machine and how to choose
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Laser cutting machine is widely used in all walks of life with a brand-new cutting method, especially fiber laser cutting machine, which has developed rapidly in recent years.
Fiber cutting is achieved by instantly vaporizing the sheet by laser high temperature, which is with the auxiliary gas blowing out the vaporized sheet slag at the same time, and completes the cutting process of the sheet with the mechanical movement of the machine.
Users who understand fiber laser cutting machines must have know that auxiliary gas should be used in fiber cutting process. Why should we need auxiliary gas when we using fiber laser cutting machine cutting metals? How users can use the auxiliary gas properly? 
First, let's understand the role of auxiliary gas.

Chemical reaction.

The gas will start chemical reaction with the metal material. It will increase the working capacity.

Puff away slag and Keep clean.

Help the equipment blow away slag from the cutting area and clean the cutting seams.

Avoid shape change of the material.

The gas will cool the area around cutting seam. It can avoid shape change of the material.

Protect the lens.

To protect the focus lens. Avoid combustion products hurting lens.
Usually when using a fiber laser machine for cutting metal, O2 ( Oxygen) , N (Nitrogen) and Compressed Air will be used. What are the functions of different gases?

N (Nitrogen)

Nitrogen is used for cutting nonferrous metal. Such as Stainless Steel and Aluminum sheet. The gas can cool and protect the material. As such materials are easy to be blackened with Oxygen.So use Nitrogen can avoid this phenomenon of going black. After cutting, the section of cutting metal is brighter and the effect is good. It can be used to cut aluminum alloy, stainless steel, galvanized steel sheet, brass.

O2 ( Oxygen)

Oxygen is used in cutting Carbon Steel and stainless steel. As there is many Carbonaceous impurities in carbon steel. So use O2 can greatly increase the combusting speed. Which as well, accelerating cutting speed. However, there is a disadvantage, the cutting surface will be black.

Compressed Air

In order to save costs, you can use air to cut stainless steel, but there are fine burrs on the reverse side, just sand it with sandpaper. Air is suitable for cutting aluminum plates and galvanized steel plates. To a certain extent, it can reduce oxide film and save costs. Generally, it is used when the cutting board is relatively not thick and the cutting end face is not too high.
When using air, you must choose an air compressor.
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