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Why choose fiber laser machine for metal cutting work
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There are many different methods of metal cutting, but fiber laser cutting is one of the most advanced technologies in many metal manufacturing projects. Fabricators often choose fiber laser cutters because of their ability to make precise cuts at speeds unmatched by other flat sheet cutting methods. In addition, the laser machine also has more benefits in other aspects.

Unrivaled Speed, Efficiency & Automation

Fiber laser cutting is run by CNC controls. The formulas entered into the computer means each part and product is identically fabricated, leading to fewer defects per batch.

Quality Precision

Fiber laser cutting can create incredibly small cuts at tight tolerances. However, that’s the trade off: the more precision you want, the slower the laser will move. Yet, this highly detailed capability is unique to laser cutting. So, if you require intricate cuts, laser cutting is the only type of cutting that will get the job done well.
Beyond that, all laser cut edges and curves are smooth, sharp, and clean, which means there is very little, burring because the laser melts rather than physically cuts the metal.
The only thing to consider is if your project requires very thick sheets of metal - thicker metals affect the quality of the cut, and a laser will leave some dross (melted metal scum) behind on thick metals. Aside from this dross, there is little to no clean up involved in the majority of laser cutting projects.

Suitable for multiple projects

The combination of cost, speed, automation, and precision make laser cutting a great choice for any size product or project. This makes a lot of routine tasks/projects easy, including prototypes, industrial orders, delicate designs, and larger cutouts. Lasers are capable of making holes, slots, tabs, and other cut fabrications with no interruption of the cutting process. The incredible precision allows for tight tolerances on intricately detailed designs. If your project doesn’t require tight tolerances, the laser can move quickly and produce parts at incredible speeds. This makes laser cutting a fantastic choice for a wide spectrum of projects.

Competitive Pricing

The costs associated with laser cutting, like many other processes, is determined by labor, operation and machine costs. Since laser cutting is a highly automated process, labor costs are minimal when compared to hand-operated machinery. Operating costs and machine costs are average compared to other cutting techniques.
Beyond that, since a laser doesn’t get dull or worn, you won’t have to worry about die changeover mid-process. 
Overall, laser cutting isn’t the cheapest cutting technology available, but it’s more than affordable for most projects, especially compared with water jet cutting or hand cutting processes.
If you need to process metal, the fiber laser cutting machine produced by ACCTEK can help you very well. Our different types of laser machines are suitable for different metal processing manufacturers.
Professional tube fiber laser cutting machine-AKJ60F is used for cutting square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, waist type tube, hexagonal tube; Pipe laser cutting machine can achieve opening, cutting and conventional way difficult to achieve a variety of different complex graphics precision cutting. It is very suitable for metal tube processing industries such as fitness industry and bicycle making.
The small size fiber laser cutting machine AKJ1390F  is cheap and has good performance, which is very suitable for the production of metal parts and small metal kitchen utensils.
AKJ1530FR fiber laser cutter with an auto rotary axis. It's a dual-use sheet and tube laser cutter, auto rotary axis is used for cutting metal tube. It is very suitable for manufacturers who need to process metal plates and cut metal pipes. It is cost-effective, multi-functional, and more convenient to use.
In addition to the above three types of laser machines, ACCTEK also has a variety of fiber cutting machines. If your shop has metal cutting jobs, you can learn about our machines online. Our staff will provide you with free consultation services.

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