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Why are 3 axis CNC router machine so popular?

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In China CNC router market, the 3 axis CNC router is being chosen by more and more users, and it is the most suitable machine for the production of various woodworking projects. The widespread application of CNC router machine has replaced manual router, which not only improves industrial production efficiency, but also avoids cost losses caused by human errors. Today, I will introduce two 3 axis CNC router. Users can check which CNC engraving equipment is more suitable for their needs according to the needs of the workshop.

Basic 3 axis CNC router for woodworking

The basic 3 axis CNC router comes in a variety of sizes, and the most common choices for users are the 4x8 cnc router and the 5x10 cnc router. Because in woodworking projects, whether you are making cabinets, wooden doors or billboards, signs, these two sizes of CNC router machine worktable can almost meet most of the processing needs of users. The biggest advantage of this basic 3 axis CNC router is that it is rich in functions and cheap. At ACCTEK CNC, the price of a 4x8 CNC router can be purchased for only $4400, and the price of a 5x10 CNC router is only $5100, they are very cost-effective CNC machines.
 4x8 cnc router
CNC router machine is mainly composed of four basic parts: machine tool, electric control cabinet, computer and CNC control system. Its working principle is to carry out pattern design and typesetting through the special engraving software configured in the computer, and transmit the designed pattern to the cnc router controller through the computer. Then the controller converts these information into pulse signals that can drive the motor, so as to control the X, Y, Z axis of the cnc router machine and the positioning of the spindle. At the same time, the controller of the cnc router machine starts the frequency converter to drive the engraving head of the spindle motor to rotate at a high speed, and performs processing processes such as cutting, engraving, drilling and milling on the wooden board fixed on the worktable of the cnc router machine. Through these series of operations, the processing of plane or three-dimensional graphics and characters designed in the computer can be completed on the plate.
According to different processing materials and process requirements, you can match different special tools for the CNC router machine. Through automatic operation, it can complete the processing needs of various materials with high efficiency and high precision. This includes the processing of wood, MDF, plywood, acrylic, plastic, rubber and other materials.
The spindle power of this cheap 3 axis CNC router is usually 3.2KW-6.0KW, which is mainly related to the hardness of the material you want to process. Generally, the CNC router machine used for wood can choose 3.2KW or 3.5KW spindle to meet the processing needs. The machine is equipped with a Mach3 controller, with a USB port and an Ethernet port, which can be connected to a computer. It supports Winxp Win7 Win10 system, and does not need to install additional drivers. The operation is very convenient. The cnc router table is usually designed to be vacuum-adsorbed worktable, and used with a vacuum pump to make the wood board fix faster and more firmly.
The basic 3 axis CNC router is popular with small and medium-sized enterprises due to its cheap price and rich functions. It is also a good choice for beginners and enthusiasts of CNC router machine. After simple training, users can quickly master the method of operating the machine and use it to produce products with characteristics.

ATC CNC router for woodworking

The atc CNC router is an upgrade of the basic CNC router machine. Its biggest feature is the addition of an automatic tool changing device to the machine. For the commonly used 4x8 cnc router and 5x10 CNC router, their automatic tool changer is usually loaded with 8 different tools. This means that the machine can automatically change tools and complete 8 different technological processes without stopping the machine, which undoubtedly greatly improves the production efficiency of the workshop for users with complex engraving needs. The cnc router with tool changer is not only faster in production, but also reduces the dependence on workers, you can hire one worker to operate multiple machines at the same time, which will save you more labor costs.
ATC CNC router
Another feature of the atc cnc router is equipped with a 9.0KW atc spindle. For the cnc router with tool changer, the atc spindle is the core component of the machine. The efficiency of the spindle affects the processing. The high-power spindle has a fast cutting speed and a better workpiece. For enterprises with mass production needs, even continuous processing will not affect its processing accuracy. ACCTEK atc cnc router chooses Chinese famous brand HQD or Italian HSD air-cooled spindle, no water pump is required, and it is very convenient to use.
Compared with the 3 axis CNC router, the atc cnc router has also been upgraded in the design of the workbench. It adopts aluminum T-slot and vacuum combined worktable, which is more conducive to the fixing of different plates and is very helpful to improve work efficiency. The T-slot workbench can fix small plates or hollow plates with clips, saving the power of the vacuum pump; the vacuum table can use vacuum adsorption to fix large materials or irregular plates, making processing more convenient, simple and efficient. The vacuum table can be divided into 4-8 areas according to user needs, each area is controlled by a switch. It can be used flexibly according to the size of the material to be processed.
CNC router with tool changer is more suitable for large enterprises or enterprises that need to mass-produce workpieces. For this type of enterprise, high efficiency and high quality are often the key to winning the market. The high configuration of the ATC CNC router makes it fully meet the needs of efficient and high-precision processing.

What factors should be considered when choosing a CNC router machine

1. Determine the size of the processing material, and select the cnc router table according to the maximum size of the material.
2. Select the type of cnc router machine according to the requirements of processing speed and processing fineness, whether it is an ordinary CNC router or an atc cnc router.
3. Understand the production strength and after-sales service guarantee of CNC router machine manufacturers. On the e-commerce platform, you can see many china cnc router, so which one is better? You can understand its actual performance through the brand's official website and user reviews of this brand. Only powerful cnc router machine manufacturers can provide you with high-quality machines and good after-sales service. Professional technicians will guide you to install and learn how to use the machine after you receive the machine, allowing you to become a number of cnc router operators faster. In addition, good after-sales service also means that you can seek help and solve it at the first time when you encounter a machine failure, which can save your time cost and machine maintenance cost.
CNC router machine
The CNC router machine has rich functions and various types. No matter what kind of industry engraving and processing needs, you can find CNC equipment that suits your needs, so it is becoming more and more popular in the industrial market. If you are thinking of buying a China CNC router, chat now and we will show you more types of CNC machines and their actual working videos.

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