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Which kind of spindle motor you like ? Water cooled or Air cooled
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Spindle motor is a key component of any CNC router machine. Operator use it to perform high-speed drilling, carving, cutting and other such operations on materials, and it is widely used in a wide range of industries. A good spindle can ensure the effective operation of the cnc machine and process high-quality workpieces for you.
When the cnc router executes the carving and cutting program, the spindle runs at high speed. Air cooling and water cooling are the two most common cooling systems that work in this situation. As the name indicates, the air-cooled spindle uses a fan to dissipate heat. Similarly, the water-cooled CNC spindle adopts water circulation to cool the spindle. So, when you buy an cnc router machine, which spindle motor do you like? Water-cooled or air-cooled?
Many customers will ask: What factors should I consider when choosing the spindle of the cnc router? Of course, different types of spindle motors have different advantages, so it is very important to choose a more durable spindle for work according to actual needs. As a professional CNC manufacturer, ACCTEK will introduce you to the advantages and differences between air-cooled and water-cooled spindles, so that you can choose the right spindle motor when you buy an cnc machine.
cnc router spindle

Cooling effect

The water-cooled spindle is more effective in temperature regulation. The water cooling method uses water circulation to cool the spindle, and the temperature of the spindle usually does not exceed 40 degrees after the water circulation. Because of this, for longer-running cutting and engraving projects, water cooling is more suitable than air cooling.
If you use an air-cooled spindle cnc machine for long-term work, it is best to let the spindle rest for 30 minutes after 4 hours of work, and then start working again. Continuous operation of the air-cooled spindle for more than 4 hours will cause damage and affect its service life. The water-cooled spindle can work all the time during the operation of the CNC machine, but it should be remembered that if the cooling water becomes very hot, it should be replaced in time to ensure that the cooling water is always at a low temperature. Otherwise, the cooling effect will be reduced and the spindle will be damaged.


The water-cooled CNC spindle basically runs silently. The air-cooled spindle generates relatively loud noise due to the operation of the cooling fan.

Service life

The water-cooled spindle of the cnc router machine can extend its service life by replacing the cooling water or industrial chillers. Therefore, as long as the operator pays attention to maintaining it, the service life of the water-cooled spindle is longer than that of air cooling.
water cooled spindle


Water-cooled spindles need to be equipped with external equipment such as water tanks, water pumps or chillers to use, while air-cooled spindles can be used directly without any external equipment, so air-cooled spindles are more convenient than water-cooled.

Operating environment

Water-cooled spindles face two major obstacles in the working environment. First of all, the water-cooled spindle needs to be connected to other external equipment such as water tanks and pumps. For this reason, it often takes up more space. If your shop cannot provide this condition, then the air-cooled spindle may be more suitable for you.
Secondly, water-cooled spindles are not suitable for use in areas with lower temperatures. Especially in the cold winter in the north, when the temperature is lower than 0°C, the cold water tank and water pipes will easily freeze, causing damage to the spindle. At this time, the air-cooled spindle is very suitable. If your location is cooler most of the time, choosing an air-cooled spindle for your woodworking cnc router is the best choice. It does not require additional external equipment, but also has a good cooling effect.
air cooled spindle
ACCTEK is a professional CNC Router manufacturer, and our spindle motor power is available from 1.5KW-13.5KW. Both water cooling spindle and air cooling spindle have their own advantages. Our sales manager will recommend the most matching configuration for you according to your needs.
The standard configuration of the inexpensive cnc router AKM1325 is a 3.2KW water cooling spindle, which is an ideal choice for the woodworking industry. The ATC cnc router chooses a 9.0KW ATC air cooling spindle, with an auto tool changer magazine, which saves more labor costs and time, greatly improves the efficiency of engraving and cutting, and is the best choice for large-scale processing.
Every configuration of the cnc router is very important. If you want to get effective advice when purchasing an cnc machine, you can communicate with us online, and we will provide you with free consulting services. I hope it helps you.

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