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What types of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines are there?

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Fiber laser cutting machine is also known as sheet metal laser cutting machine. This technology of laser cutting metal is an important process in sheet metal manufacturing. In metal project fabrication, laser cutting is essential because of its compatibility, high precision and quality assurance. ACCTEKLASER recommends three fiber laser cutting machines for you, which you can use as a reference when buying metal cutting equipment.

Affordable Fiber Laser Cutting Machine AKJ1530F1

AKJ1530F1 is an economical fiber laser cutting machine, equipped with Au3tech laser cutting head, with excellent and stable beam quality. The selection of Taiwan Delta servo motors can ensure the smooth operation of the machine during the metal cutting process. Sheet metal laser cutting machine AKJ1530F1 is equipped with Au3tech cutting system with a max power of 2.0KW, suitable for cutting carbon steel below 18mm or stainless steel below 8mm.
If the metal material you want to cut is thicker, you can choose the heavy duty fiber laser cutting machine AKJ1530F2 or the high-end fiber laser cutting machine AKJ1530F3. These two sheet metal cutting machines are equipped with Cypcut cutting system, the max power can reach 12.0KW, which ensures more stable and finer cutting of thick metal plates.
Affordable Fiber Laser Cutting Machine AKJ1530F1

Fiber Plate Tube Laser Cutting Machine AKJ1530FCR with Double Tables

Fiber laser cutting machine AKJ1530FCR can cut both metal plates and metal tubes, it is a multi-functional metal cutting equipment. The biggest feature of the fiber plate tube laser cutting machine is equipped with an automatic rotary axis and an exchange platform. Its rotary axis device is designed with electric clamps on both sides, which can cut 20-200mm diameter pipes. The collet can automatically adjust the clamping force according to the pipe specification to ensure that the thin pipe is clamped without damage.
The exchange platform can put the material on the second table while working on one table, it is more convenient to change the material.
The fiber plate and tube laser cutting machine is equipped with Cypcut cutting system, the maximum power can reach 12.0KW, providing fine cutting technology. Using Japanese Yaskawa servo motor, the signal feedback speed is faster, and high-speed acceleration and deceleration are realized.
Fiber Plate Tube Laser Cutting Machine AKJ1530FCR

Small Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine AKJ1390F

The working table area of ​​the small fiber laser cutting machine AKJ1390F is 1300×900mm, which is mainly used for the production of many small metal workpieces such as hardware products, metal kitchen utensils, metal crafts, lighting and so on. It is a fully enclosed design fiber laser cutting machine, the window adopts European CE standard laser protective glass, which ensures the safety of the operator and facilitates smoke exhaust.
Another popular small fiber laser cutting machine is the AKJ1020F, because this machine is larger than the AKJ1390, so the sides of the large enclosure will be designed in the form of sliding doors, which is convenient for users to put materials.
Small Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
The above three models are different types of laser metal cutting equipment. In order to meet market demand, laser equipment is developing in a more automated and intelligent direction. In the process of purchasing a laser cutting machine, be sure to choose the right product according to your actual production needs. It can not only save its own costs, but also ensure high-efficiency and high-quality production needs. It is the most reasonable and effective solution.

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