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What should we pay attention to when using a cnc machine

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     Woodworking engraving machine factory for users to provide a variety of types of equipment choice, reliable and guaranteed, to meet the needs of the use of the industry, in the actual operation of the process needs to consider the matter is more.

     1, in the actual operation process, if the carving positioning has been completed, X, Y axis in the workpiece coordinates as "0" can be, so as to avoid subsequent processing problems, affecting the processing efficiency.After adjusting the engraving speed and the rotation speed of the spindle motor, we should first confirm whether it meets the requirements of engraving, so as to avoid the carving speed is too fast, resulting in the phenomenon of broken knife, affecting the use of the equipment.

     2. Operators need to wear dust masks and protective glasses when using the carving machine, so as to avoid dust entering the body and affecting their health.Finish the use of the engraving machine to clean up in a timely manner, the dust to get rid of, so as not to cause the phenomenon of the equipment such as hairpin.Work should wear gloves when operating the machine, do not move or damage to the warning sign is installed on the machine, don't clear of obstacles around the machine, the work space should be large enough, such as a job needs to be done two or more people together, should pay attention to mutual coordinated, are not allowed to use compressed air cleaning machine, electric cabinets and NC unit.

     3, the machine tool work before starting to work to have preheating, carefully check whether the lubrication system is normal, if the machine tool has not started for a long time, you can first use manual way to feed oil lubrication to each part.Before and during engraving, check and confirm whether the cooling system (water pump) and lubricating system (oil pump) of the motor are working normally.If you do not use the engraving machine for a long time, you should cut off the power supply in a timely manner and carry out idling refueling regularly during storage to maintain the flexibility of the equipment itself, so as not to affect the subsequent use effect.

     4. Before starting processing, put your hand on the red emergency switch button and press it immediately if there is any accident.Do not touch the tip of the knife or scrap iron with your hands. Iron scrap should be cleaned with iron hooks or brushes.Do not touch the rotating spindle, workpiece or other moving parts by hand or in any other way.It is forbidden to measure the workpiece and speed change in the process of processing, and it is not allowed to wipe the workpiece with cotton or clean the machine.Milling machine operation, the operator must not leave the post, machine tool found abnormal phenomenon immediately stop;Frequently check the bearing temperature, if it is too high, you should find the relevant personnel to check.In the process of processing, do not open the machine tool protection door;Strictly abide by the post responsibility system, the machine tool is used by special person, others must be approved.It is strictly prohibited to put any articles on the beam and baffle of the machine tool to avoid falling and injuring people.During operation, it is strictly prohibited to lie down on the machine tool, let alone sit or lean on the machine tool frame.

     5, the use of the tool should be in accordance with the permitted specifications of the machine tool, there are serious damage to the tool to be replaced in time.The tool used to adjust the tool should not be forgotten in the engraving machine, the tool should be installed after one or two test cutting.The length of the cutter's exposed clip shall be determined by the interference of the workpiece and the fixture, and the length shall be as short as possible under the above conditions.According to the different material to determine the different amount of knife.As a result of different materials of the cutter will have a large amount of knife, we use the engraving machine for processing, try not to use the tool this value for processing, processing for a long time, the damage of the tool is relatively fast.In addition, the processing speed can not be raised under the large amount of knife, a fast speed is likely to cause a broken knife.Therefore, we would like to set the cutting quantity to a large amount of 2/3, so that the tool life will greatly increase, the processing speed can also be improved a lot, so as to save the tool cost, but also can improve the processing efficiency.According to the engraving material to determine the depth of the knife.We should do rough machining first and then finish machining according to the actual situation.When in the rough machining, as far as possible to remove all the margin, save the finishing time;Tool materials with better machining performance can also be used.This needs the user to accumulate processing experience for a long time, to improve the processing efficiency of the engraving machine.

     6. Check the working status of chuck clamping.When loading and clamping the workpiece, must follow the principle of "solid, flat, straight", prohibit carving on the suspended material;In order to prevent deformation of the material, the thickness of the material should be more than 2mm larger than the depth of the carving.Clean up the sundries in the card head before loading the tool;When the cutter is loaded with the card, it must first screw the card into the lock nut and put it into the motor shaft, then insert the tool into the card head, and then use the tool wrench to slowly lock the nut;When loading and unloading tools, the push and pull method is forbidden for the elastic nut, and the rotation method should be used.The distribution cabinet of the equipment is made up of some electronic components by circuit boards. The appearance of the equipment is made of steel structure or cast iron structure, so as to avoid problems such as short circuit in humid air.

     7. Clean the linear guide rail.When cleaning the need to move the laser head to the side, and then use clean cotton cloth to wipe, clean and then add a few lubricating oil lubrication, push the laser head back and forth a few times can be.Do not oneself repair the electrical appliances inside control cabinet, a lot of electrical appliances have high pressure, it is necessary to find a carving machine factory to repair.

     8, In the use of engraving machine equipment in winter, you need to pay attention to room temperature, especially water cooling spindle equipment is particularly important.Avoid too low room temperature according to the water tank ice, resulting in the interruption of the water cycle, causing water cooling spindle operation.In the summer is also so, in addition to pay attention to the room temperature, but also pay attention to the air humidity, to prevent the summer room temperature is too high to cause problems, also want to pay close attention to the air humidity, to avoid the problem caused by humidity.Summer weather more thunderstorms, equipment is necessary to ensure grounding, reduce static disturbance, to ensure the stability of the machine and the protection of the operator, in addition to pay attention to do not put the engraving machine in the humid or air humidity greater than 35 percent of the place.Summer is generally the peak period for residents to use electricity and often accompanied by a thunderstorm climate, often will present the phenomenon of power supply line voltage instability, which often shows the equipment spindle in the engraving machine presents the phenomenon of shutdown, equipment with lower equipment will also appear drive overload burn off and other phenomena.Therefore, you can use the corresponding type of regulator connected to reduce unnecessary loss.When the temperature is too high, we should also pay attention to the temperature of the water tank of the equipment, and add new cold water in time to avoid the water temperature is too high and cannot play a role in cooling the spindle.

     Engraving machine spindle speed is high, plus the processing of wood is not very uniform, cutting process of noise, vibration, labor force intensity, it is easy to fatigue, these objective reasons are also very easy to cause mechanical accidents, so the operator should be more careful.




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