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What should we pay attention to after operating a cnc router
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    CNC Router  is a kind of high precision requirements of the equipment, if the user wants to obtain a higher precision of the carving piece, in addition to pay attention to the use of the method, but also to do a good job of the equipment inspection, regular maintenance and cleaning, sometimes external factors will also have an impact on the results of engraving.The following is for you to introduce the specific in the use of the maintenance method to pay attention to.

    1,Check whether the communication line, motor line and optical coupling line are loose and the voltage is stable before switching on the power every day. Then switch on the power supply of the machine, operate the machine and start the operation.

    2. The water-cooled spindle carving machine shall ensure the cooling water is clean and the pump works normally, and the water-cooled spindle motor shall not be short of water.In order to prevent high water temperature, regularly replace cooling water, circulating water as much as possible, can replace the large capacity of the tank.

    3. The cooling and ventilation system of the circuit box shall be cleaned regularly, the fans of the control box shall be checked regularly whether they work normally, the dust of the control box shall be cleaned regularly with a vacuum cleaner, and the terminal screws shall be checked whether they are loose to ensure the reliable use of the circuit.

    4. Clean the garbage exposed on the external guide rail (optical axis), clean it with oil no. 2 once, and then add butter or lithium fat no. 2.

    5. Clean the sensor (optocoupler, proximity switch) to prevent dust and powder oil from sticking to the sensor, affecting its sensitivity or causing miscontact.

    6. Move the head of cnc router to the lower left or the lower right position to stop the machine. After the collision, cut off the power supply and electrify the machine, and do not pull the plug.

    7, carving machine for long-term use, please once or twice a week.Especially in the rainy season with high humidity, please idle the engraving machine for about 1 hour.Make use of the heat of the electrical components themselves, send out the moisture in the numerical control system, ensure the stability and reliability of the electronic components.

    8. The frequency converter has been adjusted before leaving the factory. It is forbidden to adjust without authorization to prevent damage to the motor and frequency converter caused by data input errors.

    9. After a day's work, take off the carving knife of the carving machine, loosen the spindle chuck and lock nut.This will help to extend the service life of the spindle chuck.Then we began to sweep the countertop with a brush;Pay attention to the work surface usually do not pile up sundries, so as not to deform the platform.

    10. Open the control box door as little as possible. Do not open the door.There is usually dust, wood chips and metal powder in the air when carving. If it falls on the circuit board and electronic parts in the control box, the insulation resistance between the parts will be reduced, and the parts and circuit board are easy to break.

    11. Regularly check whether the screws of all parts of the machine are loose.

    12. Vacuum pump maintenance:

    (1) the metal screen in the suction inlet of the water cycle air pump is used to prevent foreign dust from entering the pump body.The filter should be kept clean at all times to avoid clogging and causing a drop in the pump's pumping speed.

    (2) tongyou vacuum pump should also loosen the butterfly nut, take out the paper filter element and clean the filter element with high pressure gas regularly. If the filter element is found to be poorly ventilated or damaged, replace it immediately.According to the different use time, the high pressure oil gun can be used to add oil to the bearing of each part.

     13. Strictly follow the instructions and follow the instructions.

    In addition to the normal working time of the cnc router, technicians should also do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, regularly wipe its parts and components, and do a good job in maintenance, so as to ensure the accuracy of the engraving accuracy, and then let themselves get to meet the use of standard products.If you do not know the specific operation method, you can refer to the above content to operate.


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