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What should we do when the engraving machine suddenly stops working
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    All of a sudden, the machine doesn't work properly. The mechanical parts and electrical parts have been tested, but what's the reason?Have you encountered this problem?We've summed up a few lessons that we hope will help.
    Woodworking engraving machine due to the general and stepper motor drives the aluminum, titanium, magnesium alloy shell shell for which the magnetic shielding, and so on high sensitive receiver system cause interference woodworking engraving machine, make it unable to work, power supply, and pollution caused by the control system of single-chip microcomputer and PC cannot communicate, serious cause microcontroller crash caused difficult to normal use, so the interference problem of woodworking engraving machine must be addressed.
    The following measures can be taken to address this:
    1, add power filter, wood engraving machine to reduce the pollution of ac power.
    2. The "one point to earth" principle.And drive power supply filter (PE) and chassis bottom woodworking engraving machine (drive board insulation), PULSE, PULSE and direction control PULSE DIR - woodworking engraving machine sub lead wire, electrical grounding line, after the drive and motor between cable protection cover, the shielding wire are received on the casing wall ground pole, and requires good contacts.
    3, try to increase the line of control and power cord (m, N), motor drive (U, woodworking engraving machine V, W) of the distance between, avoid cross like we two in handling biaxial drive system in the same case of flooding woodworking carving motor installation position, a drive plate in the front, the other is the later, and these lead to short on the structure arrangement.
    4, use the shielded wire to reduce the external interference to their own, or their own (power woodworking engraving machine wire) to the external interference.
    After the above treatment, the interference problem of engraving machine can be effectively solved.
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    Engraving machine for precision numerical control equipment, necessary routine maintenance and maintenance is very important to the service life of the machine and precision, the first important thing is keep the engraving machine clean and smooth movement, carving machine is water-cooled spindle spindle, so necessary equipment is the water pump and water, because the engraving machine every day work time is very long, so want to keep the water clean and clean, and must not water shortage phenomenon in a spindle motor, the summer or work environment regularly replace the cooling water temperature is high, in order to prevent the water temperature is too high.Winter if the temperature of the working environment of CNC engraving machine is too low to change the water in the water tank into antifreeze, to ensure the normal work of the machine.
    To introduce to you the treatment of rust carving machine:
    First consider the painter urgent derusting method or physical method derusting: by craft knock, shovel, scrape, brush, sand or soft file method to eliminate surface rust, oxide scale, etc.Also can use the thing such as spade knife, scraper, pointed head hammer, steel wire brush, emery cloth, broken saw blade, also be concise method.
    If maintenance is not timely, stone carving machine due to the factors of the working environment.Spindle motor is very simple rust, fine rust does not affect the normal use of spindle motor, but if not for a long time, will shorten the life of the spindle motor.
    There is also a chemical way to remove rust: you can use WD-40 to clean the lubricant.In about half an hour, you can wipe off the rust from the stone carving machine with cotton cloth. If the rust is fierce, you can get wD-40 non-conductive again, and it has excellent lubrication effect.

    Customers in the understanding and investigation of CNC engraving machine equipment, generally will be more than one to inquire about the price, but the price quoted by different manufacturers is very different, let the customer feel very surprised, what is the reason for the big price fluctuations?
    1. Different motors
    General engraving machine is a stepping motor, the engraving machine quality of this kind of motor is general, want to be a little better to open the material machine can choose domestic servo motor, a little better open the material machine is imported servo motor, servo motor running speed is much faster than the ordinary motor, so the better the motor is more expensive opening machine price.
    2. Different bed
    The bed affects the stability of the fuselage and affects the machining accuracy. If the machining accuracy is not enough, then no matter how good the machine is, it will not produce perfect products, and it will always have defects.
    3. Different adsorption table
    There is a difference between the double layer and the ordinary one. The double layer has a better adsorption effect and is slightly more expensive than the ordinary one.
    4. Vacuum pump is different
    Vacuum pump is divided into air cooling and water cooling, air cooling is expensive, noisy, but simple and convenient;Water cooling adsorption effect is good, low noise, cheap price.
    5. Comparison of labor costs
    Double position CNC engraving machine whether with side hole machine or six side drill use, basically need two workers to complete the engraving machine production work, and single position engraving machine if with six side drill use, one  worker can complete the production of engraving machine.
    6. Comparison in machine stability
    The length of the double position engraving machine bed is about 6 meters, the length of the single position engraving machine bed is about 3.4 meters, the longer the bed, the subsequent deformation of the machine bed is also greater, the worse the accuracy, the accessories will be easy to ask the higher the maintenance cost.
    7. Comparison of machine prices
    The engraving machine of double station is more than the engraving machine of simplex, so the engraving machine of double station is slightly more expensive than the machine of simplex, the price of more than one workbench.
    8. Comparison in machine upgrade
    Double position engraving machine can't be upgraded any more. Single position CNC engraving machine can be upgraded to automatic loading and unloading, and then to automatic labeling. High-end customized furniture can also be matched later.
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