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What should I pay attention to when buying a CNC wood router

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With the improvement of people's quality of life, the requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher, and the family decoration in life is becoming more and more personalized, which also promotes the development of the family woodworking decoration industry. So, what points do we need to pay attention to when choosing a woodworking cnc router machine that suits us? 

According to their own industry, accurate positioning of cnc router engraving machine.

Now people are full of personalized creativity, so they have different processing requirements. Then you need to choose the cnc router woodworking engraving machine according to your main products. For example, if your main business is door panels, you can choose atc cnc router with disc auto tool changer. Because the door panel needs more patterns, there are 12 tools in the tool magazine of the disc auto tool changer processing center, so the tool changing speed is fast. You can also increase the tools types according to your own needs, which can not only meet the needs of different customers, but also greatly improve the production efficiency. Of course, there are many different cnc wood router machines, and different cnc engraving machines correspond to different processing techniques. Be sure to buy a cnc wood router machine according to your own needs, and accurately locate and choose.
Customers should choose the engraving machine model and its power according to their business needs and financial situation. Our small cnc router are 600mm×900mm and 600mm×1200mm, and the feed width is 700mm. Carving two-color plate is the most basic application of small cnc router, and its acceptability is very good. Big size cnc router machines are 1300mm×2500mm, 1500mm×3000mm, 2000mm×3000mm and 2000mm×4000mm. The feed width of cnc engraving machines of the above models is all over 1350mm, and the sizes of plexiglass and PVC plates on the market are 1220mm×2440mm, so these models are more suitable for customers who need large-format cnc router machines.
CNC router machine
Pay attention to the accuracy and running speed of CNC wood router machine. Woodworking cnc router machine from parts processing, lathe bed welding, to parts assembly, every step is related to the accuracy and running speed of cnc engraving machine. This requires professional processing technology and meticulous measurement. If you want your woodworking projects to be in the lead, you must strive for excellence in all aspects. There are also some main accessories that affect the accuracy of the cnc engraving machine, such as drive, motor, guide rail, etc., which we have to pay too much attention to.

In-depth understanding of cnc router manufacturers strength.

After choosing the woodworking engraving machine according to your own needs in the early stage, then you can go to the cnc router manufacturer for on-site inspection to see the strength of the manufacturer. In addition, powerful CNC router manufacturers can provide you with software training, after-sales service and technical guidance, only by choosing a powerful manufacturer can you rest easy in the later service.
The cnc engraving machine industry has developed for almost 19 years now. Now manufacturers of cnc wood router machines are mixed, how can we effectively find powerful manufacturers? It is said that you must shop around when buying things, but you must not take advantage of such large equipment. At this time, the advantages of our company AccTek cnc wood router are reflected:
CNC router manufacturer
1. Less cost input, quick effect. Carving is a work that requires great patience, so the salary of the carving master is relatively high. If a factory invites the carving master, then at least dozens of them, and the salary is also a large amount of money. Although the price of a CNC engraving machine is more expensive, but the production efficiency is high, and the cost can be recovered soon. 
2. Engraving time is fast. Manual router engraving a product it takes a long time, if it is a computer engraving may be completed in a few minutes, greatly reducing the required engraving time, from the cost estimate, time actually means money and high efficiency. 
3. Alleviate the shortage of manual router carvers. Carvers require very high patience and perseverance. Nowadays, young people are less and less interested in this line, which leads to fewer and fewer elite talents in this industry. There is a shortage of manual carvers in the market. 
4. Improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the factory. The effect of computer engraving is good, high efficiency, compared with manual engraving, it saves time and labor and is high efficiency, but also deeply favored by the majority of consumers.
Finally, I hope that everyone who reads this article can choose their own cnc router.

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