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What's the cnc router for stone
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CNC Router for stone is a high-tech automatic computer controlled carving equipment capable of carving calligraphy and painting on natural stone, glass and ceramics.
     Stone carving industry in China is a traditional industry, stone supply and marketing chain will also exist for a long time!At this time, the stone carving industry is undergoing a great change,the retirement of the old stonemasons and the demand of the younger generation for high efficiency, mechanization and automation have given rise to the use of mechanical carving equipment.Stone carving machine can engrave calligraphy and painting on stone, ceramic, ceramic tile, can meet the requirements of personalized home decoration, tooling art design, can be used as the advanced carving processing equipment of decoration company, handicraft industry, stone industry, tablet engraving industry, ceramic company.Stone carving machine in recent years rapid growth!
     The appearance of stone carving machine has improved and raised our living standard in many aspects.Before manual need half a month to make the product, today the stone carving machine can be completed in an hour, but also greatly reduce the cost of labor.Its appearance makes our interior decoration industry more and more artistic, high-grade, large-scale.Such high precision carving in the era of artificial carving is not dare to imagine, then we can now be very convenient to use the stone carving machine to achieve our this demand.Stone carving machine, realized the mechanization of stone carving products, automatic production and greatly improve the efficiency, which is also the stone carving machine by people's favor is a big reason.We believe that with the development of science and technology, people know the progress, stone carving machine instead of artificial carving is the inevitable trend of history.Timing allows the operator to know how long it will take before carving.Its calculation is based on the set engraving machine parameters, the processing time of the current engraving file, this time does not include the middle of the tool change, positioning and other time, is an estimated value.The engraving parameters that affect "timing processing" include feed speed, falling speed, falling delay, z-axis stroke, etc., and are also related to "priority mode".In the woodworking engraving machine processing time range, customers can also do other work arrangements, so greatly improve the utilization of human resources.     

he main features
    1. Fast speed, high precision, strong stability, low noise, long service life; 
    2. The bed is made of t-shaped steel bracket, which adopts full welding process and vibration-aging treatment to ensure that the machine does not shake when running at high speed, and the product processing surface is highly smooth; 
    3, high power transverse torque spindle, large bearing, high speed, chip, and the motor is not easy to damage.   

 Application field
     Applicable to stone industry, stele processing industry, art relief, advertising, decoration decoration industry, ceramic industry.     

Applied materials
    1,Marble, granite, jade, bluestone, black stone and other stone materials, as well as ceramics, glass, plexiglass, PVC board, aluminum plastic board, bamboo and wood materials.
    2,Hard stone such as granite can be carved in layers up to 5mm
    3,Marble, bluestone and so on can be carved up to 5mm at a time    

The choose and buy
     1. Attention should be paid to the function of the engraving machine. The engraving motor of the engraving machine has high power and small power.Some engraving machine power is small only suitable for the processing of materials such as two-color plate, building model, small sign, three-dimensional crafts, this technology has been popular for a period of time, but because the engraving power is too small and greatly affected the scope of its application.The other is a high-power engraving head of the engraving machine, this engraving machine has been divided into two categories, one is the large format cutting machine: the width is generally more than one meter, but the precision of this engraving machine is generally poor;The other category is the moderate format engraving machine: this engraving machine is generally used for fine processing and organic label making.
    2 to understand the performance and function of the engraving motor, the engraving machine head motor is also very critical, because the head motor is a long time continuous work, so if the engraving head motor is not good will affect the use of the engraving machine.
    3. Engraving head motor speed adjustable range, the general speed adjustable range is thousands to 30,000 revolutions per minute, if the speed can not be adjusted or adjustable speed range is small, then it shows that the engraving machine application range is very limited, because different materials must be used to carve different head speed.
    4. Engraving machine body manufacturing process: the high-power engraving machine requires precision and stability of the body when it is working, so the casting body should be adopted for long-term high-power engraving to ensure its machining accuracy and stability.
    5. Controllers are generally divided into two categories: a controller is only the driver, and all its computing work is completed by the computer. When the engraving machine is working, the computer is in a waiting state, unable to conduct typesetting.Another kind of controller USES single board machine or single chip microcomputer control, this kind of controller is actually a computer, so as long as the engraving machine begins to work, the computer can immediately carry out other typesetting work, especially for a long time engraving, this advantage is particularly obvious.
    6. Lead screw and guide rail is also an important part of the engraving machine, good lead screw and guide rail is the engraving machine long-term use of its accuracy and performance guarantee.
In addition, before the purchase of the sample engraving is very important.In the choice of cnc router for stone, the first to pay attention to the source of information, first, such as online search, carefully read online content, website design and professional degree, then call to determine the strength, no strength can not guarantee quality and service;See the first step you go to the company to visit the field, can you actually process the product for you, budget out the cost can make money for you, this is the most important.    

    1. The continuous operation time shall be less than 10 hours per day to ensure the cleanliness of cooling water and the normal operation of the water pump. The water spindle motor shall never be short of water.In winter, if the working environment temperature is too low, the water in the tank can be replaced with antifreeze.
    2. After each use of the machine, pay attention to cleaning, be sure to clean the dust on the platform and the transmission system, and lubricate the transmission system (X, Y, Z) regularly (every week).(note: X, Y and Z triaxial smooth rod should be maintained with oil;Screw parts with high speed butter;In winter, if the working environment temperature is too low, the lead screw and smooth rod (square guide or circular guide) should be rinsed and cleaned with gasoline first, and then the oil is added. Otherwise, the resistance of the driving part of the machine will be too large and the machine will be out of position.
    3, the electrical maintenance inspection is, must cut off the power, until the monitor is no display and the main circuit power indicator off, can be carried out.
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