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What is the most cost-effective engraving machine
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Multi head CNC Router is aimed at the handicraft industry, antique furniture, European furniture and other products small size, large processing and equipment of a carving machine.

this carving machine can be in the same pattern can carry on many spindle work at the same time, greatly improve the processing speed, the same time to complete the work efficiency of many equipment.Batch processing, the product consistency is good, high quality, greatly reduce the cost of production equipment to buy, a multi-purpose machine, economical and affordable.


1, four axis four linkage, can complete a variety of shaped workpiece three-dimensional carving.

2, many head at the same time rough carving, refined carving processing completed at a time, compared to ordinary mechanical carving to improve the processing efficiency 5-8 times, compared to manual carving to improve the processing efficiency 45 times.

3. Processing blank diameter 0-350mm, larger to meet customers' demands for large and medium sizes.

4. It is suitable for three-dimensional fine carving and processing of stair pillar, guanyin Buddha statue, erhu, violin, tiger leg, European furniture, handicrafts, etc.

The performance parameters

1. SUKE--1313 multi-spindle carving (2-10 spindles are optional, and any model can be customized) : multiple spindles can be worked on the same pattern at the same time, greatly improving the processing speed and completing the work efficiency of multiple devices in the same time;In some cases, the single spindle can work independently and control the production cost effectively and reasonably.

2, batch processing, the product consistency is good, high quality, greatly reduce the cost of production equipment to buy, a multi-use machine, economical and affordable.

3, the machine bed adopts the whole thick wall steel structure design, after welding tempering aging treatment, strong rigidity, large strength, stable rotation, so that long time high-speed operation without deformation, no shaking.

4, this machine tool adopts Taiwan Yintai linear guide rail transmission, three axis full square rail, can carry out heavy cutting, processing speed is fast, high efficiency;At the same time, it adopts international brand micro-step subdivision stepper motor and high-speed driver, with large power, stable transmission and stable performance, which can guarantee the machine to run at high speed without intermittent for a long time, up to 20 meters per minute.

5, using embedded PCI CNC system, make the machine tool and computer seamless combination, simple operation, unique intelligence budget law, give full play to the potential of high-speed motor, linear synchronous processing more perfect, and easy operation for a long time, have power, breakpoint continued carving, processing time prediction and real humanized design.Full support of ISO standard G instruction, ENG format, compatible with Type3 / ArtCAM / / wentai and other CAD/CAM design software generated by the processing code.

6, designed for mass, small workpiece processing of customer requirements and design, suitable for processing cabinet door, art embossment screen, window, embossed craft gifts, wood art murals, carpentry, calligraphy carving, picture frames, electrical counter top, sports equipment, violin cambered surface, non-ferrous metal engraving and cutting, and many other industry products.

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