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What is the difference between CNC engraving machine and laser engraving machine
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    Speaking of the difference with CNC engraving machine, in fact, the most obvious difference is the use of laser engraving machine, laser melting or burning method of engraving, CNC engraving machine is the use of digital technology control tool or laser head and ultrasonic head for engraving.Laser engraving machine can be CNC engraving machine.CNC engraving machine can also be mounted with laser head for engraving.So they are intersecting, they are intersecting.
    Although both adopt numerical control system, but their working principle is different, the mechanical structure is also different.In contrast, the CNC engraving machine structure is relatively simple, through the CNC system control of the computer, so that the engraving machine automatically select the appropriate engraving tool, engraving on the X, Y, Z axis of the machine.
    Laser engraving machine is divided into different specialized machines according to specific purposes, and the structure of specialized machines is roughly the same. Laser source emits laser, and numerical control system controls the Thresh stepping motor to make laser head, mirror, lens and other optical elements move the focus on X, Y, Z axis of the machine tool, so as to ablate the material for engraving.
    Computer with ray plug stepper motor these in the numerical control system about the same, just the size of the concrete, such as power difference, laser engraving machine and CNC engraving machine structure is the biggest difference of laser engraving machine tool is a set of optical components, and CNC engraving machine tool is the burin various entities, both look from the outside light also vary.
    Advantages of laser engraving machine:
    1. Laser engraving and polishing are completed in one time;Numerical control is done in two times.
    2. For narrow and delicate parts, such as the tail bend of a mouse's eye (1mm in diameter), the laser beam can be cut, but the smooth and bright CNC tool can not be helped.
    3. The diameter of the laser beam is only 0.01mm, and the CNC tool is 20 times larger, which wastes materials
    4, laser speed, laser is 2.5 times the speed of CNC engraving machine.
    5, laser energy consumption is less than CNC engraving machine
    6. Laser has no noise, no pollution and high efficiency;CNC machines are noisy and pollute the environment.
    7, laser non-contact processing, do not need to fix the workpiece NUMERICAL control is contact processing, to fix the workpiece.
    8. Laser can process soft materials, such as cloth, leather, film, etc.;Numerical control cannot be machined because the workpiece cannot be fixed.
    Therefore, in advertising signs, plexiglass products, clothing, leather processing, product marking and other industries, the advantages of laser engraving machine is more and more widely used.
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    Although it is still summer, winter is not far off.Winter temperatures are generally below zero, this time of the water will generally freeze phenomenon.In order to avoid the situation of the laser tube being scrapped due to the laser tube cracking caused by the freezing of the coolant, we will talk about the anti-freezing methods and solutions of the laser tube today.
    As we all know, liquids have their own "freezing point". When the liquid temperature is lower than the "freezing point" temperature, the liquid will solidify into a solid, while the volume of the cooling liquid deionized water and purified water commonly used in laser tubes will increase during the solidification process, which will "break" the water-cooling tube and seal connection, causing damage to the laser tube.
    In order to avoid damage of laser tube, output head and water cooler caused by solidification of cooling liquid, there are three solutions as follows:
    1. If the local power will never be cut off, the water cooler will not be turned off when it does not work at night. At the same time, in order to achieve the purpose of energy saving, the temperature of the warm room temperature water will be adjusted to 5-10 ℃ to ensure that the cooling liquid of the laser tube is in the circulation state and the temperature is not lower than the freezing point.
    2. Empty the cooling liquid in the laser tube and water cooler after each stop.
    3, use antifreeze as the coolant.
    When the use environment of laser machine often occurs power failure phenomenon or does not have the condition that the cooling fluid is drained every day, antifreeze must be used to prevent freezing.The base liquid of antifreeze is composed of alcohol and water, which will not corrode metal cattle, rubber hose and other laser machine accessories.In the selection or deployment of antifreeze, antifreeze freezing point should be lower than the lowest temperature of the use environment about 5 degrees.
    Use ethanol for short-term antifreeze:
    If the power is cut off and the cooling water cannot be drained, temporary short-term antifreeze is needed, ethanol (alcohol) can be added to deionized water or purified water, with the added amount not exceeding half of the tank capacity.Because ethanol is highly corrosive, it cannot be used for a long time. Within a week, the ethanol mixture must be drained and the cooling pipeline must be cleaned with purified water or deionized water. If antifreeze is still needed, special antifreeze must be selected.2. Use special antifreeze of professional brand:
    It is recommended to choose brand antifreeze. Generally, there are two types of antifreeze applicable to laser engraving machine system:
    1) AntifrogenN Ethylene glycol - Water type (industrial products, toxic to human body)
    2) AntifrogenL propanediol - water type (food grade, harmless to human body).Both coolant is readily available.
    Note: Any antifreeze cannot completely replace deionized water and cannot be used continuously throughout the year.
    After the winter, deionized water or purified water must be used to clean the used coolant pipeline, and the use of deionized water or purified water as the coolant for the laser pipeline should be resumed.
    If the working conditions or environment permit, it is suggested to improve the working electricity environment, keep the water cooler running continuously, or upgrade the design of cooling water channel, which can drain the cooling water quickly and easily every day.
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