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What factors affect the laser cleaning machine price
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With the mature development of fiber laser technology, it has been widely used in many fields. Among them, the laser cleaning process has become a popular trend in industrial cleaning and is welcomed by the international market. Laser cleaning machines have good effects on metal surface rust removal, paint removal, and oil removal. In China, there are many laser cleaning machine manufacturers, and of course the prices vary greatly. For users who want to buy a laser cleaning machine, the price is a point that everyone is very concerned about. So what is the price of this device in the market? What factors affect the laser cleaning machine  price? Let's talk about these issues today.
Laser cleaning machine
The laser cleaning machine price is not fixed, because many manufacturers in China are making this kind of equipment. Then some of these brands are quite good laser cleaning machine manufacturers. They can not only standardize the production of laser cleaning equipment, but also support the customization of such equipment. If it is a custom machine, it can fully meet the actual needs of users. Using laser to remove rust, or to clean other contaminants on metal surfaces, laser cleaning machines have high efficiency. And laser rust removal adopts non-contact cleaning method, which will not damage the substrate. Of course, different types of laser cleaning machines have different configurations and different powers, which determines their prices are also very different.
The a laser cleaning machine price is determined by many factors. For example, some laser cleaning systems can support PLC programming, and the price of this type of equipment is often higher. In addition, some laser cleaning systems do not support PLC programming, but this equipment can support multiple cleaning modes. When cleaning the metal surface or laser to remove rust, the user can select the corresponding mode according to the actual cleaning needs and then remove the rust. The price of this type of laser rust removal machine will be relatively cheap. In addition, the power of the laser cleaning machine is different, and the price will also be different. When the laser generator type is the same, the device with higher output power tends to be more expensive, and the device with lower output power is much cheaper.
The laser cleaning machine price is also related to its own degree of automation. Some equipment is relatively large equipment, and then can support PLC programming, and when this equipment is used, it is a fully automated way of laser rust removal. This type of laser rust removal machine will be much more expensive. There is no need for ordinary small and medium-sized enterprises to buy such large-scale professional laser rust removal equipment. The use of handheld laser rust removal machine can meet the needs of workshop workpiece cleaning, and the price of handheld laser cleaning machine is quite affordable. Now the technology of laser rust removal equipment is constantly breaking through, and the rust removal process is also constantly being upgraded. Some cleaning equipment that uses cutting-edge technology will be more expensive. In addition, some laser rust removal equipment may use some technologies imported from overseas, and the price of such equipment is often relatively expensive.
Handheld laser cleaning gun
Handheld laser cleaning machine is favored by many companies for their ease of use and affordable prices. This kind of laser rust removal equipment is divided into pulse laser cleaning machine and continuous laser cleaning machine according to the type of laser generator. The pulse laser cleaning machine has a power range of 100-500W to choose from, and is mainly used in historical relics, precious metals, electronic equipment and other application scenarios that require no damage to the substrate. In addition to metal, he can also clean wood, glass, stone statues and other materials. It is also more expensive due to its higher precision. Such a 100W laser cleaning machine is priced at $10,500. If you are doing industrial rust removal, mainly for large-area metals such as pipes, automobiles, iron doors, building steel plates, etc., you can choose continuous laser cleaning machines. The price of such a 1000W laser cleaning machine is only 7400 US dollars, which is cheap and has high cleaning efficiency. And because the cleaned material has a large heat sink, the damage to the substrate is not large.
The laser cleaning machine price is related to a variety of factors. I hope that the introduction of this article will give you a better understanding of this industrial cleaning equipment.

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