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What can the laser cleaning machine be used for?

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As we all know, laser cleaning machines are very popular around the world as an environmentally friendly industrial cleaning equipment. When sandblasting cleaning, the material surface can often be damaged. The laser cleaning process has the characteristics of non-grinding and non-contact. Since it is not affected by stress, it avoids material deformation and does not cause damage to the substrate. And laser cleaners have the lowest operating cost of all industrial cleaning methods (less than $1/hour).
Laser cleaning machine
The many advantages of the laser cleaning machine make it attract great attention in the field of industrial cleaning as soon as it comes out. Especially in the embodiment of the laser rust removal function, the fiber laser cleaning machine shows great advantages, so in addition to laser rust removal, which industries and products can it be applied to? The following is the comprehensive application of laser cleaning machine. If your workshop involves these products that need to be cleaned, the laser cleaning system can bring you unexpected results.

Laser cleaning mold

Food mold cleaning
Hygiene is a key aspect of cleaning in the food industry. Food processing conditions are very strictly controlled in terms of cleanliness and therefore must be cleaned with an emphasis on ecology.
The laser cleaning is the ideal solution in this case, as it is a very thorough cleaning process and it is also easy to integrate into the production line.
Rubber mold cleaning
The decisive element for cleaning rubber molds is speed. In this case, the laser has a significant advantage over conventional cleaning methods (sand blasting, high pressure cleaning, chemical cleaning), as it can do the same job in a fraction of the time (especially for widely used aluminum molds).
Clean plastic molds
Cleaning speed is also crucial for cleaning plastic molds, and here too the laser is an ideal solution not only because of its speed but also because it is gentle on the substrate (mold) material, which is likely to be damaged (in particular by sandblasting).
Another reason is the often high gloss of mold surfaces (and resulting products). The laser is able to ensure that the high shine will not be compromised.
Glass mold cleaning
Glass molds are extremely difficult to clean. In the case of glass products (e.g. bottles), the volume of the product should not be increased, so it is important to perfectly preserve the base material by cleaning it. At the same time, these molds contain countless small openings to ensure air leakage.
The portable laser cleaning machine is able to thoroughly clean both the air leak holes and the mold itself without any damage.
Laser cleaning mold


Restoration and preservation

Restoration, removal of graffiti and stubborn dirt, none of this is a problem for the ROD cleaning system. The laser is particularly suitable for very delicate restorations of monuments or ancient objects.
Metal Restoration
The laser cleaning is very suitable for the restoration and conservation of a wide range of metals and antiques. The laser can remove oxidation and patina from bronze surfaces. Laser also finds a wide range of applications in large surface restoration directly to bronze and copper, where it can retain the original patina.
Masonry restoration and graffiti removal
Laser cleaning solutions have also seen exceptional success in the restoration of masonry, namely sandstone, granite, marble and many others. The greatest benefit of laser cleaning historic buildings and walls is the preservation of the underlying material, which remains intact, unlike dirt.

Paint stripping - Paint removal

Laser cleaning system can remove varnish and paint in layers, in specific areas and even completely. Laser stripping uses a laser beam for a process that requires no additional fluids, abrasives, or chemicals used in traditional methods. Our paint stripping and removal method is as gentle, environmentally friendly and clean as possible.
Selective paint stripping
ROD cleaning systems are capable of selectively removing paint or varnish with micrometric precision. This capability is particularly useful for cleaning difficult composite or plastic materials and for preventive maintenance or corrosion protection.
Concealment and elimination of spray paint
Laser can save time and money when painting, instead of intricately masking the parts of the surface where you don't want to apply paint or finish, just apply the paint or finish over the entire piece first, then selectively remove paint from the desired area.
Laser paint removal

Surface preparation

The laser cleaning machine excels in preparing various surfaces for painting, welding and brazing. Thanks to this technology, the surface has an increased adhesion and the paint/varnish adheres better. Also, the weld is stronger due to the absence of contaminants that could otherwise compromise its integrity.
Laser rust removal
Fiber laser cleaning machine quickly and accurately removes rust without damaging underlying metal. It is most commonly used for surface preparation for welding to increase weld strength and quality, or painting or staining to increase paint adhesion to metal.
Eliminate oxidation
Laser oxidation removal is an appropriate method of metal preparation for any surface treatment, but it is most useful as a preparation for aluminum welding. It is also used after welding to remove oxides from stainless steel.
Surface preparation of metals for bonding
The laser cleaner finds another use in the preparation of metals for bonding, as it is able to create a perfect surface free of impurities and thus ensure perfect adhesion and resistance of the adhesives.
Cleaning and removing the thermal barrier coating
Laser cleaning metal surfaces subjected to high temperatures, such as gas turbines or aircraft engine parts.
The above are the many fields in which our fiber laser cleaning machine can be applied, of course, in addition to these, its application is still increasing. As a high-tech technology, the development of laser cleaning and the benefits it can bring to enterprises still have broad prospects, so don't worry, you can try more cleaning operations with laser cleaning machines.

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