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What are the points to pay attention to when choosing a laser cutting machine?
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For some processing industries now, in this fast-paced era, efficiency has become very important. As the saying goes: "Knife sharpening and not cutting wood by mistake" In daily work, a good laser cutting machine is even more important, which is related to the processing efficiency, quality, and speed of the equipment. Therefore, what matters should be paid attention to when choosing a laser cutting machine, let us introduce several aspects that need to be referred to when choosing equipment.



1. Does the device support customization?

The quality of a laser cutting machine depends on its configuration.From cutting machine to cutting machine table, the core is that the fiber laser is also a high-performance laser tailor-made for customers based on years of market experience. It will be based on market needs. , Make corresponding adjustments, if you need to customize the machine, you can directly contact our staff. For the configuration selection, we can install it according to the products you need to process, and the unsuitable accessories will not be used on the equipment to cause unnecessary waste , According to the products you need to process can be customized.

2. The strength is guaranteed, and there is a complete after-sales guarantee service

Many laser cutting machine manufacturers often delay the repair time due to limited technical personnel or limitations of their own capabilities. This brings a lot of trouble to users and affects the production progress of the enterprise. Therefore, when customers choose laser cutting machines, they must Choose a reputable brand.
Acctek specializes in the production of CNC engraving machines and laser machines. Since 2005, we have been located in the industrial zone of Jinan City, Shandong Province. Our main products are AccTek CNC engraving machines and laser engraving and cutting machines. Inventory or customized configuration is our specialty.
warranty service: 
1) According to different machines, we provide 1-3 years of quality assurance. During the warranty period, if the machine fails, the main components (except for consumables and human reasons) will be replaced free of charge.
2) Free training courses in our factory. Provide a detailed user manual or video.
3) When you need to replace, we will provide vulnerable parts at the agency price.
4) Online service 24 hours a day, free technical support for life.
5) If necessary, you can send our staff to your company to install or adjust.
6) Free software upgrades for life.


3. Scope of processed materials and business needs

When you are choosing to buy a laser cutting machine, we must consider the company's business scope: What materials do we want to process? What is the thickness of the product? What size is our product to be processed? Some factors like this. Then select the laser power of the equipment and the size of the worktable. At present, the power of laser cutting machines on the market is between 500W-12000W, and the general size of the worktable can be customized according to customer needs.

4. What is the effect of cutting?

Some important parts of the laser cutting machine affect the overall performance of the whole machine, so you should also pay attention when choosing and purchasing the laser cutting machine. Fiber laser sources, laser cutting heads, servo motors, guide rails, cooling refrigerators and other components directly affect the cutting speed and accuracy of laser cutting machines, so people need to pay attention. If they can meet your needs, it will be a good choice of machines.
The cutting speed of the laser cutting machine is selected according to the thickness of the cutting sheet, and different cutting speeds have a great influence on the quality of the laser cutting machine. Choosing an appropriate cutting speed can not only improve the efficiency of the laser cutting machine, but also obtain a good cutting quality effect.


5. When my machine breaks down, will someone repair it for me?

Yes, when there is a problem in the use of the machine, please contact our sales or after-sales personnel as soon as possible. After providing the photo and serial number of the machine, the AccTek after-sales engineer will identify the problem through email/whatsapp/skype/remote control, etc., and help you solve the problem until the problem is solved.
If it is determined that the component is damaged due to lack of maintenance, cleaning or misuse/abuse, the customer will be responsible for the cost of replacing the component and all related transportation costs.
If it is determined that the accessory is faulty, we will request the customer to send it back for free for repair or send new accessories based on the importance of the accessory. Except for agents, ACCTEK is not responsible for the sale or modification of any CNC machines.


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