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What are the main parts of the engraving machine
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    Today, I would like to introduce some important parts of the engraving machine to you. After understanding these, it is much easier for consumers to buy a carving machine suitable for themselves.
    First, take a look at a process flow of the engraving machine:
    Design drawing - casting bed/case - bed processing/case processing - spray painting order machine accessories - screw guide rail assembly - electrical parts assembly - commissioning - setting the parameters of all parts - precision correction - project proofing test - cleaning, inspection - packaging.
    Secondly, the main components of the engraving machine:
    1, spindle
Engraving machine spindle is one of the important parts, main shaft category is to use DC motor by the belt drive spindle, of up to 5000 RPM, but due to the use of brush, life in 300 hours, probably have to change the motor or motor brush, such is the characteristics of the motor torque, but the precision of this kind of motor in general is not very ideal.The other is the use of frequency conversion brushless motor, speed can reach 60000RPM, no need to change the brush, the use of frequency conversion control technology, is a professional product!
    2. Machine bed
Sheet metal, work table, spindle, screw rod, tool setting instrument, servo, machine tool lamp, CCD locator, automatic tool changing equipment, machine tool base;The machine tool base is divided into marble base and cast iron base.
    3, guide rail,
Linear cylindrical guide is mostly used for small format engraving machine, large size engraving machine mostly USES linear square guide.The product adopts P grade linear guide rail
    4. Screw rod (ordinary screw and precision ball screw)
Ordinary thread is a common screw used in milling machines, ordinary screw friction is large, easy to wear when high-speed movement is prone to jamming phenomenon.
Precision ball screw - professional grade products, engraving machine is very important and expensive parts, engraving machine precision depends on it, because engraving machine is bi-directional drive, so ball screw is required to take pre-pressure, in the positive and negative turn into there will be no gap.The advantages of ball screw are good precision, small resistance and long life.The large scale engraving machine mainly adopts Japanese THK and Taiwan shangyin/Yintai precision screw to ensure the processing accuracy.The way to distinguish the two types of screw is that the ordinary screw is usually black and the thread shape is square or trapezoid.The thread of ball screw is semicircle, the color of screw is usually white.
    5. Drive motor
At present, engraving machines in the market are mostly driven by stepper motors.
    6, transmission
1) Steel wire drive, the material used is aviation steel wire, outsourcing a layer of engineering plastic called Kepton (ultra-high wear resistant material, tank wire missile wire is wrapped in this material, high steel, driven by this kind of technology
Engraving machine cost cheap, fast, only used for the engraving of two color board model;
2) Driven by steel belt, made of alloy material with a thickness of 0.1mm, similar to steel wire, suitable for light large-format machines.
    7. Electric control cabinet
It mainly includes: handwheel, handhold, operation panel, alarm light, XYZ shaft driver, spindle converter, IO transfer board, fan, power supply, etc
    8. Control calculator control card and computer.
    9. Control the computer
There are many brands of control system, according to the customer's production and processing conditions to choose a more appropriate control system conducive to production.
    10. Floating cutter head
Carving a two-tone board is often seemingly simple but actually not easy to do.Generally, users require manufacturers to provide a high-precision platform, while some manufacturers simply add a thick perspex board on the platform and mill out a plane on it with a knife, but the problem still cannot be solved.Because in addition to the platforms have error, double-color board itself also has the error, the double color plate joint on the platform of double-sided adhesive thickness, and other factors, has carved out the sign is still a two-tone, floating head is double color boards carving tool, in foreign small and medium-sized carving machine is equipped with standard, floating just as its name implies is carved in the plane of the cutting tools, can be in a certain range floating up and down!Spindle can slide up and down in the direction of the axis, when the use of floating cutter head pay attention to adjust the distance between the floating cutter head and the tip, can be carved in a large area of uneven plane, and keep the engraving depth consistent.
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