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What are the advantages of the multi-head cnc router?
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Multi-head cnc router is an indispensable equipment in the process of furniture production. The product size is small, and it is generally designed and manufactured for mass production. This cnc router can perform multi-spindle simultaneous work on the same pattern. Increase the processing speed and complete the work efficiency of multiple devices in the same time. In the same way, different tools can be used on different spindles, which can improve the efficiency of machining workpieces by eliminating the time for tool changes.
1. The multi-head cnc router can work together on the same drawing, greatly improving the processing speed, and can complete the work efficiency of multiple equipment together; of course, in some cases where the processing volume is not large, it can also complete a single-spindle independent operation , Effective and reasonable control of production costs.
2. In batch processing, the products have good consistency and high quality, which greatly reduces the procurement cost of production equipment. One machine is multi-purpose, economical and affordable.
3. It can be customized. It is designed for customers who need large-volume and small workpiece processing. It is suitable for processing cabinet doors, artistic embossed screens, technical fan windows, embossed technology gifts, solid wood art rock paintings, carpenter calligraphy and carving, art photo frames, electrical countertops , Sports equipment, violin arcs, carving and cutting of non-ferrous metals, and many other professional products.    

The main configuration of AKM1325-4R Multi heads cnc router with rotary

2.2KW water cooling spindle

Smooth body, not easy to rust; vigorous cutting strength and long time mass processing

Mach3 controller

We use Ethernet interface controller card, high reliability, anti-interference.Support Winxp Win7 Win10, doesn’t need driver installed.Aluminum housing, shielding interference, stable and reliable.

Leadshine stepper motor

Without A/D conversion, the digital pulse signal can be directly converted into angular displacement. Cheap and good performance, function is to drive the axis movement as parameter setting.

Steadily thimble

Fix the working materials, not loosen during machine running. Ensure high precision and performance.

Chuck with tray

Suitable for fixing round material, different diameter for detail request.With extra tray on chuck, can fix big diameter goods.

Application range of multi-head engraving machine:

Mainly used for processing symmetrical cylindrical products such as Roman columns, stair handrails, wooden table legs, etc.
It is widely used for carving cube and cylindrical workpieces such as Buddha statues, Guanyin, sculptures, handicrafts, cylindrical musical instruments, etc. It is especially suitable for mass production of small and medium-sized wood industry enterprises. It can flexibly set the shape at any time and quickly change the processing method.

In addition to the unexpected increase in efficiency, the multi-head cnc router has good product quality and high efficiency during batch processing, which greatly reduces the procurement cost of production equipment. It has multiple functions and is economical and affordable. At the same time, the precision of the multi-head cnc router is slightly worse, not as high as the dedicated engraving machine. The workpieces processed at the same time are generally not particularly large. But generally speaking, the price of a multi-head engraving machine is higher than that of a general engraving machine. This is also a direct manifestation of the value of the multi-head engraving machine.
If there is a large batch of small workpieces, it is very cost-effective to choose a multi-head engraving machine. However, the multi-head engraving machine has disadvantages such as poor accuracy, insufficient cutting force, etc., so we recommend that you use it exclusively To do one or two tasks, choose a multi-head engraving machine. If you need to process a variety of products and a variety of workpieces, choosing a common engraving machine is more advantageous.

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