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Three common control systems for wood cnc machine
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Wood cnc machine is currently more and more used in furniture, wood, advertising and other industries. Wood cnc machine is also more and more well-known. Of course, the operation of wood cnc machine has become particularly important. Operation of woodworking engraving machine you must understand the control system. At present, the wood cnc machine control system on the market can be roughly divided into three types of computer control, handle control and all-in-one control. Let's take a look at the three common control systems of wood cnc machine.

Computer control:

It is by installing the Weihong control card on the PCI slot of the computer motherboard and installing the Weihong software driver on the computer to control the walking of the XYZ axis of the engraving machine and the rotation of the spindle motor. The processing effect can be previewed and can be seen at any time Processing track, if the program is loaded incorrectly, it can be corrected in time.
AKM1325C1 adopts Mach3 controller. We use Ethernet to interface the controller card. The program is installed on the computer connected to the control machine. It is the control software for CNC machine tools commonly used in the world. It supports Winxp, Win7, and Win10 without installing drivers.
The aluminum shell is used for shielding interference, stable and reliable, and supports the spindle speed feedback function and the power-off recovery function. The use of a computer control system requires a separate computer, but fortunately, the computer configuration requirements are extremely low. For customers with a small budget, they can configure a second-hand computer by themselves.

Handle control:

As the name implies, it is a movement that can be operated by holding the wood cnc machine in the hand. The handle control volume is relatively small, saves space and does not take up the computer; the disadvantage is that it is relatively troublesome to operate, because all functions are concentrated on a control panel. , It is easy to press the wrong function keys if you are not skilled in operation. The handle control system is widely used in various types of engraving machines, including four-axis linkage, and does not need to occupy a separate computer, which can greatly reduce the footprint of the equipment. In addition, It is also more convenient for the cutting head. The disadvantage is that there is no previewable interface. The interface is not intuitive compared to the computer control system.

All-in-one control:

Independent integrated design, using industrial computer, PLC and other integrated control, rich interfaces, complete functions, can realize multi-axis control and automatic tool change. Mainly used for high-end wood cnc machines, machining centers, and some mold machines and engraving machines. The anti-interference ability of the control system, as well as all aspects of performance, control accuracy, etc. are better than other categories. The system is integrated in the CNC operating system. It is not the mainstream, but it is the mainstream of the all-in-one machine in the wood cnc machine control system. The disadvantage is that the price is high, and the operability tends to be cnc CNC machine tools. For some customers, the operation is not as simple as the former.
Most of the control systems currently used by wood cnc machine on the market use the above three control systems. If you encounter any problems when you purchase wood cnc machine, please contact our staff, we have a complete after-sales service system And a strong technical team to help you solve all your purchase questions.

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