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Three Popular Woodworking CNC Router in the Furniture Industry
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With the continuous development of technology, the furniture manufacturing industry has ushered in tremendous changes. The use of traditional woodworking methods to produce panel furniture is inefficient, requires high skills for workers, and increases labor costs, which restrict the development of the furniture manufacturing industry. Therefore, more furniture manufacturers began to use woodworking CNC router machines to complete the carving and cutting of furniture panels to improve workshop production efficiency and expand production.
At present, CNC router machines have been widely used in the wood processing industry. Whether it is wood cutting, wood carving or wood drilling, CNC engraving machines have played an important role. CNC router machine not only optimizes the furniture manufacturing process, but also improves workshop efficiency and saves labor costs. It is the first choice for wooden furniture processing. This post introduces you to several popular woodworking CNC engraving machines, which you can choose according to the processing scale of the workshop.

Heavy-Duty 3 Axis CNC Router Machine

The CNC router AKM1325 is a basic woodworking engraving equipment. The spindle is selected from a well-known Chinese brand HQD that has obtained CE certification. A variety of powers are available, which can easily complete the engraving and cutting of the plate. It is equipped with a assistance wheels. When processing large-area plates, the assistance wheels can be used for feeding, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves work efficiency.
If you are in the furniture industry, in addition to engraving plane materials, you also need to process cylindrical materials such as table legs and chair legs. You can add a rotary axis device to the CNC engraving machine. The rotary axis can be installed separately on the side of the machine or directly placed on the worktable of the cnc machine according to your work needs, which is very convenient.
3 axis CNC router

Three-Process CNC Router Machine

The three-process CNC wood cutting machine is an economical CNC cutting equipment. This three-spindle CNC router is also called ATC cnc router because its three spindles work independently. After the first spindle tool completes the first process, the second spindle tool will run the next process. The three working procedures can be continuously worked without stopping the tool change in the middle. The three spindles are installed side by side on the machine head, the tool change speed is faster, and the machining accuracy is high!
The functions of the three-process cutting machine are relatively comprehensive, which can be used for cutting panel furniture and milling cabinet doors. This CNC engraving machine is suitable for engraving different patterns on the same plate, reducing the time of manual tool changing and improving the processing efficiency of the workshop.
3 process CNC router

Automatic Tool Change CNC Router Machine

If your workshop is large, or your furniture is characterized by exquisite carvings, then the automatic tool change CNC machine will bring you greater help.
Auto tool change CNC router machine is a more advanced CNC engraving machine equipment, and it is also the development trend of CNC machine. It has an independent tool magazine, which can automatically change the required tools during the processing of the workpiece without stopping work. When engraving complex patterns, you can choose different tools, which greatly speeds up work efficiency and improves product quality.
ATC CNC router
In addition to the above three CNC woodworking engraving machines, ACCTEK is also good at customizing cnc router machines according to user needs to help you complete richer furniture design and furniture manufacturing. If you want to expand the market in the furniture industry, a CNC engraving machine with excellent performance is an indispensable equipment. Want to know which one is more suitable for your workshop, immediately communicate online.

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