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Precautions before operating the woodworking engraving machine
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When we buy a new woodworking engraving machine, the precautions before starting the operation are still very important. When we use the woodworking engraving machine, the preparation work before operation should be done well, so as to avoid the machine Affected by faults during use, the machine will operate normally.
At this time, an inspection before the operation of the woodworking engraving machine is particularly important and necessary.
1. The operator must be sufficiently familiar with the structure and structure of the woodworking engraving machine, whether it is the structure and application range of the engraving machine, or the technical specifications of the cutting machine and the safety rules to be followed when using it, they must have a certain grasp , This is also in order to be able to better use, to avoid accidents. Therefore, there must be certain requirements for the basic knowledge of the operators, and relevant safety training must be carried out on a regular basis.
2. Before officially starting work, the woodworking engraving machine needs to be fully inspected. It is necessary to check whether the link bolts of each part of the engraving machine are loose, check whether the transmission device of the engraving machine runs smoothly, and check whether the buttons of the engraving machine are It is normal. In addition, check whether the lubrication system, pneumatic system and various safety systems of the cutting machine are in good condition.
All these need to be paid attention to, and then after checking, there is no problem before normal startup operation can be carried out.
3. Before the formal processing, the woodworking engraving machine should be dry run first, because only dry run can ensure that all parts of the machine are very normal and ensure safety.
When the woodworking engraving machine is running, the operator must pay attention to his personal safety and strictly abide by the safety requirements to avoid accidents.
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