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Multifunctional 4 axis CNC router machine with rotary axis
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When you first start creating your own CNC designs, a three-axis CNC machine will typically offer enough control and flexibility to bring any of your designs to life. Eventually, however, you may find that you feel somewhat constrained by the limits of an X, Y and Z axis.
Maybe you’re making a cylindrical component, for example, that needs holes or cut-outs milled in its sides. This type of work can be done with a three-axis machine, but it will often be a slow and somewhat inefficient process. By adding a fourth cutting axis to your CNC machine, you can reduce lead time and complete complex projects in fewer steps. With a full fourth axis, your milling machine can handle a much more diverse set of jobs.
cnc router with rotary axis
4 axis CNC router machine is based on the ordinary 3 axis CNC machine, adding the fourth axis -rotary axis. A 4 axis CNC router with a rotary axis is usually called a fake four-axis, because it belongs to a four-axis three-linkage CNC machine. But it has more functions than ordinary 3 axis engraving machines. A fourth axis rotary table offers a convenient, cost-effective way to take CNC milling to the next level.

Why to choose the rotary axis CNC router?

1. The rotary axis CNC machine can make the spindle always face the machining surface at the most suitable angle, so that the force on the tool side is reduced, the machining stability is increased, and the machining accuracy is improved.
2. The 4th axis CNC router machine does not need to repeatedly rotate the work piece, it reduces the clamping times and manual participation, and can complete the tool path calculation at one time to ensure higher machining accuracy and efficiency.
3. Reduce the finishing allowance, the tool path can be roughed in layers.
4. Realize partial rotation carving, the angle range and length range can be set.
5. Machining parts with holes in which mill must work with a circular pattern with equal distances is certainly possible with 360 degree movements. Arc cuts, grooves, and other complex curves are included with the benefits of a 4th axis rotary table.
cnc router with ratary axis

How to choose the right 4th axis rotary table?

When the 4th axis rotary table is directly placed on the machine table, it does not affect the processing size. The cnc rotary table can be put on and taken off at any time, which is more convenient to use for users. So it is suitable for users with small work pieces.
When the 4th axis rotary table put on the side of the machine, we need to consider the size of the work piece to be processed and the effective processing size of the machine. Because the diameter of the rotary device affects whether the gantry is raised, the user needs to know the size of the work piece to be machined and the effective processing size of the machine when choosing again, and finally decide the position where the rotary device is placed.
When the cnc rotary table is independent of the machine bed: If the width of the machine is greater than 2 meters and the diameter of the rotary shaft is greater than 200 mm, it is recommended that the rotary table be placed independently of the machine. This will not affect the effective working size, but will also benefit the packaging and transportation of the machine.
cnc router application
ACCTEK 4th rotary axis CNC router lathe machine is a type of multifunctional CNC machine with 4x8 table size. The T-slot&vacuum table is used for board cutting, edging, carving, drilling and grooving, and the rotary axis device for cylindrical processing, such as chair legs, table legs, etc.
ACCTEK offers a wide selection of 4th axis rotary CNC router. Contact us today to learn about our high quality CNC machine.

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