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Method of perforating with laser cutting machine

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The products processed by some manufacturing companies need to be perforated. For example, some plates and carbon steel materials cannot be used normally without perforation. Therefore, the perforation method of laser cutting machine is a problem that processing companies are more concerned about. Then we Let's take a look at the basic methods of piercing commonly used in laser cutting machines.

Blast perforation

Blasting perforation is to form a pit in the center of the processed material after continuous laser irradiation, and then the molten material is quickly removed by the oxygen flow coaxial with the laser beam to form a hole. Generally, the size of the hole is related to the thickness of the plate. The average diameter of the blasting perforation is half of that of the thick plate. Therefore, if the blasting is used for the thicker plate, the blasting perforation has a larger diameter and is not round. On the scrap.
In addition, since the oxygen pressure used for perforation is the same as that used for cutting, the splash is larger.

Pulse perforation

 A pulsed laser with high peak power is used to melt or vaporize a small amount of material. Air or nitrogen is often used as an auxiliary gas to reduce the expansion of the hole due to exothermic oxidation. The gas pressure is lower than the oxygen pressure during cutting. Each pulse laser only produces small particle jets, which gradually penetrate deeper, so it takes a few seconds for the thick plate to perforate.

  Once the perforation is completed, immediately change the auxiliary gas to oxygen for cutting. In this way, the perforation diameter is smaller, and the perforation quality is better than blast perforation. For this reason, the laser used should not only have a higher output power; more importantly, the time and space characteristics of the time beam, so the general cross-flow CO2 laser cannot meet the requirements of laser cutting.

 In addition, pulse perforation also needs a more reliable gas path control system to realize the switch of gas type, gas pressure and control of perforation time. In the case of pulse perforation, in order to obtain a high-quality cut, the transition technology from pulse perforation when the workpiece is stationary to continuous cutting of the workpiece at constant velocity should be paid attention to.

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