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Method of blade use and identification part.1

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At present the engraving machine used by the cutter, in the classification of the cutter basically can be reduced to the end milling cutter in the milling cutter, the diameter is small, generally below 48;The use speed is high, generally 16000-24000rpm;The following mainly from the tool material, tool geometric parameters, tool processing methods, engraving processing of the special requirements of the tool for you to do a brief introduction:

1)Cutting tool materials
Cutting tool materials the cutting tool material is a crucial link in the production and use of cutting tools. The general properties of cutting tool materials are as follows:

A high hardness and wear resistance;Hardness is the tool material should have the basic characteristics, the tool to cut from the workpiece material, its hardness must be greater than the workpiece material hardness.The hardness of tool material is generally above 60HRC.Wear resistance is the ability of the material to resist wear, in general, the higher the hardness of the cutting tool material, the better the wear resistance, the finer the material grain, the more uniform the distribution, the higher the wear resistance.

B) sufficient strength and toughness;In order for the tool to work under great pressure and under conditions of impact and vibration in the cutting process without breaking or breaking, the tool material must have sufficient strength and toughness.

C high heat resistance;The ability of a tool material to maintain its hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness at high temperatures.The higher the high temperature hardness of the cutting tool material, the better the cutting performance of the tool and the higher the allowed cutting speed.In addition to high temperature hardness, cutting tool materials should also have the ability to resist oxidation at high temperature and good anti-bonding and anti-diffusion ability.

D. Good process performance;In order to be easy to manufacture, the tool material is required to have good technological performance.

E economy;Economy is one of the important indexes of cutting tool material.Some tool materials although very expensive, but because of its long life, the cost of apportionment to each fog is not necessarily very high.

F predictability of cutting performance.With the development of machining automation, cutting properties such as tool wear and tool durability have good predictability.



2). Common tool materials:

High speed steel and cemented carbide are the most common tool materials used by the manufacturer.Carbon 1 steel , tool steel  due to its poor hardness and heat resistance, only for hand 1 cutting tools.Carbide coated tools, ceramics, diamonds, cubic boron ammonide materials with excellent properties have been used in many fields.
(1) carbide cutting performance is good, early cemented carbide than high-speed steel bending strength is much lower, with the development of technology, its bending strength has been close to or even more than the general high-speed steel.The quality of high speed steel tool also depends on the heat treatment process of the tool manufacturer and the performance of the tool after quenching.And at high temperature the hardness of high speed steel will decrease a lot

(2) diamond tools have been used in organic material cutting and high-gloss panel industries.Diamond has very high hardness and wear resistance. Some data show that its durability can be improved several times to several hundred times than that of cemented carbide.Diamond tools are not suitable for machining ferrous metals.


3).blade type
The geometric shapes of the cutting tools mainly include single edge thread cutter, double edge thread cutter, double edge thread ball head cutter, double edge straight groove (flat bottom, taper) cutter, double edge straight groove combination cutter, double edge straight groove taper ball head cutter, prism cutter, half cutting tool and so on


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