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Making wooden crafts with CNC Router Machine
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When you are ready to send a birthday gift or wedding gift to your friend, a beautiful wooden craft is a good choice. In order to reflect the uniqueness of gifts, many people will carve their blessings or wishes on wooden gifts.
Wooden crafts are also popular in many shops. The owner will hang signs with exquisite patterns at the door, or put some wooden toys everywhere in the shop. These wooden decorations fill the shop with a warm and romantic atmosphere.
So what are these exquisite wooden crafts made of? If you are in the gift making industry, then a woodworking CNC router machine can help you complete more unique gift designs.
The woodworking CNC engraving machine adopts a stable and reliable Mach3 control system, supports Winxp Win7 Win10, and does not need to install a driver. It is the most commonly used CNC machine tool software in the world. You can use the CNC router to complete the engraving and cutting of various patterns. The spindle is selected from a well-known Chinese brand HQD or Italian HSD, and has obtained CE certification. It has a strong cutting ability and can easily complete the engraving work of gifts.
If your workshop needs to engrave cylindrical pen holders or cylindrical dolls, you can add a rotary axis device to the CNC router machine. The rotary axis can be installed separately on the side of the machine according to your engraving needs, or directly placed on the workbtable for use. This kind of multi-functional woodworking CNC router machine is very popular, because it can complete the processing of more materials and create greater profits for the workshop.
In addition to processing wood, the woodworking CNC engraving machine can also cut other materials such as acrylic and aluminum-plastic panels. Create more possibilities for your gift customization.
CNC router
The CNC router introduced for you above is more about engraving plane patterns. If you need to engrave 3D workpieces, the 5-axis wood engraving machine will save you more time. The 5-axis CNC router is good at space surface processing and special-shaped processing, and can complete complex engraving needs for special-shaped artworks in one clamping. The workpieces processed by the 5-axis CNC machine have higher precision and better quality.
In order to express the uniqueness of each gift, when a user purchases a gift, it is often necessary for the merchant to engrave the name, birthday, or greetings on the gift. With woodworking CNC router machine, this is very easy to achieve. A multifunctional woodworking engraving machine will bring you a bigger market and more customers.
If you do not know how to choose, you can communicate immediately and get a free customized plan for the CNC machine.

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