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Let's see what you know about laser machines
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    Laser cutting machines are not a very new technology and have not attracted the same public attention as 3D printers.However, they are very cool, and much like 3D printers, prices have crashed to the point that hobbyists can afford them.
    Which brings us to a very interesting question: What do you deserve?What can you do with it?Crucially, what can you do to ensure that you use them as safely as possible?
    How to choose the right laser cutting machine or engraving machine for you?
    Laser cutters and sculptors come in a variety of shapes and sizes and come in a variety of distinct price points.The most important are high-powered, widely used in heavy industry.Including some surprisingly powerful lasers.Some are even used to process diamonds.But what makes these laser cutters so valuable is their ability to consistently cut the thickest materials with great precision.Of course, it goes without saying that none of this is affordable, even for the richest manufacturer Spaces.
    In the middle of the market, things make more sense.There are laser cutters for small businesses, well-funded hobbyists and maker Spaces.Prices range from $1,000 to $5,000.Unlike cheaper devices on the market, they have larger workspaces and many are capable of cutting A3 paper-size material.They also have more powerful lasers, which means it can cut thicker material faster.
    But what if you don't have a few thousand dollars for a laser cutter?Fortunately, there are some cheap infrastructure, most of which cost as little as $60 and can run as high as $500.At the lower end of the scale, you may end up with a device that can only carve on small areas and can only cut paper or cardboard.
    What can you do with a laser cutting machine or a carving machine?
    As we discussed earlier, laser cutters and sculptors are still niche projects.Because they differ from the configuration files of 3D printers, there are not many tutorials, guides, and recipes available on the Internet.If you're looking for ideas for making content, read on.
    Buy a cheap laser engraving machine.Almost immediately, he put together some wooden signs and carved them with the plants, flowers and vegetables that occupied his allotment.These are better than stapling a piece of paper onto a lollipop stick.First, they are less likely to be blown away in strong winds because they are heavier.Since signs are not written in ink, they do not run when it rains, as it inevitably does in England.
    Customize the iPhone case
    Many people want their iPhone to reflect their personality, and to do so, they customize it with a variety of unique cases and backgrounds.But if you really want to personalize your iPhone, you can give it a case carved with your own design.It is not recommended to carve the mobile phone directly;Etching glass and metal with consumer grade kits can be difficult, and your phone is expensive.You do not want to take any unnecessary risks that may damage your equipment.However, you can buy a blank iPhone case online instead of that many.If you want a beautiful organic finish, you can buy a wooden one.Wood is one of the most effective materials for etching, but if you choose to go down this road, make sure you choose a wooden case that is neither greasy nor resinous.
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    Use laser cutting machine safely
    Before you start using laser cutting machines, you must keep in mind a simple fact: they can do a lot of harm, or at least damage expensive equipment, when not used properly, but if you take a few simple precautions, you can significantly reduce any risk.
    The first thing to note is that whenever you use a laser cutter or engraving machine, there is a high risk of fire.After all, you're basically taking an extremely powerful energy beam and applying it to flammable materials (wood, most commonly, though styrofoam is extremely prone to fire).Therefore, you should always carry a CARBON dioxide extinguisher with you.
    Much like 3D printing, you also have to be careful about cutting the material.If you cut PVC (or any type of vinyl), you will inadvertently release chlorine gas.This will mix with water in the air to produce hydrochloric acid, which is bad for humans and machines.As a general rule, laser cutting machines should always be used in well-ventilated Spaces.If you have a window, you should always keep it open.
    In order to extend the service life of laser engraving machine, it is necessary to clean and maintain, the following laser engraving machine know small make up on the relevant content of a brief introduction.
    The water tank of laser engraving machine needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly. In fact, the water quality and water temperature of circulating water have certain influence on its equipment.Had better use pure water at the same time water temperature needs to control probably below 35, if exceeded 35℃ word, so still need to carry on a change of circulating water, still can put a few ice cubes inside water, use drop in temperature.You can also use a cooler or two tanks.
    The water tank also needs to be cleaned. During cleaning, the power should be turned off, and the water inlet pipe of the machine should be pulled out, so that the water inside the laser tube can enter the water tank.Open tank, taking out the inside of the pump, then the water pump on a clean-up of dirt, and then to wash clean water tank, the inside of the circulating water to also want to for a replacement, will reopen security inside the water tank, pump after put the plug in the relevant again, let the pump try to run 2 to 3 minutes, see if there are any problems.
    Tip: Make sure there is enough circulating water in the laser tube while the device is running.It is necessary to clean the fan. There will be a lot of dust on the outside surface after using it for a long time.At present, our company relies on for many years in the computer numerical control, computer automation research and development, production of accumulated rich experience, absorb the advanced numerical control technology, specializing in CNC engraving equipment and other advertising equipment research and development, production, and sales, to provide customers all kinds of high quality products and application solutions, at present the main products are woodworking engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, stone engraving machine, metal engraving machine, laser engraving machine, optical fiber laser cutting machine.
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