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Laser cutter should pay attention to the following points when cutting round holes
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Due to the flexibility and high efficiency of laser cutting, conventional round hole cutting is also realized by using optical fiber laser cutting machine. The finished product can be cut with smooth section and the machining aperture can be changed flexibly to meet the diversified needs of the factory.


However, machining round holes with a laser cutter also requires some skill. Note the following to make the process smoother.

1、The air pressure is not suitable

In the process of blowing, when the pressure is too small, there will be edge scraping slag, carbonization phenomenon, pressure is too large and easy to burst holes.Therefore, this requires the perfect cooperation between the proofing engineer and the machine, depending on the experience to choose the right air pressure, so as to make the cut round hole more full.


2、The hole is too small

The best solution for a laser cutter to cut round holes is the ratio of round holes to 1:1, which means the ratio of aperture to plate thickness is 1:1. In other words, the larger the aperture, the easier it is to cut high-quality round holes.

Otherwise, when the energy of the fiber laser cutting machine is insufficient, the cutting hole is easy to leave the breakpoint residue and the round hole is not round.

3、The servo motor parameter is wrong

Sometimes ellipse or irregular phenomena appear in round holes, which is related to the motion mismatch of X\Y axis, and the direct cause of the motion mismatch of X\Y axis is improper adjustment of servo motor parameters.Therefore, the quality of cutting round hole also has certain requirements for servo motor.

4、Guide rail and lead screw precision error

If the parameter error of servo motor affects the cutting quality, then the precision error of guide rail and lead screw will directly lead to the precision of circular hole less than expected.

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