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Laser cleaning techniques in industrial applications

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With the increasing number of laser technology in surface cleaning, manufacturers are becoming aware of the extent to which laser cleaning can help them. From the automotive and space flight industries to more general industrial applications, many uses of this revolutionary cleaning technique are still unknown.

Best performed using a pulsed laser, laser cleaning can replace traditional cleaning methods to remove rust, oxide, paint, wood and other objects to be cleaned. Applications include weld cleaning, mold cleaning, tool cleaning, wood cleaning and surface preparation.
Laser cleaning
There are many ways to clean materials. Traditional cleaning methods mostly use chemical and mechanical methods. In today’s, the society has put forward unprecedented requirements for environmental protection and safety awareness, and the chemicals that can be used in industrial cleaning will become less and less. Under the action of multiple factors such as the relative lack of traditional process technology, severe labor and environmental protection, intelligent laser cleaning technology has become a new force in modern industrial cleaning.
The principle of the laser cleaning machine is to use the high-energy laser beam to irradiate the surface of the work piece through laser technology, so that the dirt, rust or coating on the surface of the object can be removed instantly, and the attachment or coating on the surface of the cleaning object can be removed at high speed, so as to achieve high efficiency. Environmentally friendly cleaning process.
As an emerging industrial cleaning technology, laser cleaning has brought good news to many industrial applications. Compared with traditional cleaning methods such as mechanical rub cleaning, liquid solid strong impact cleaning, chemical corrosion cleaning, and high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning, laser cleaning technology can be better applied to metal surface rust removal, coating coating cleaning, Rubber mold cleaning, weld decontamination, alloy etc.
ACCTEK AKQ series laser cleaning machines have received more and more attention and applications due to their high cleaning efficiency, wide scale removal range, non-contact cleaning without damaging the surface of consumables, and light weight equipment structure. Laser cleaning machines are almost superior to all traditional industrial cleaning methods in terms of cleaning capability and technology. Its performance and advantages are as follows:
1. Efficient cleaning
The compact structure of the portable laser cleaning machine and the light weight design of the whole machine save the delivery cost for users if urgent, also can arrange the delivery by express; the laser beam quality is high and the performance is stable, which can realize the rapid cleaning of heavy pollutants and high-speed cleaning of light pollutants, and easily meet various high-precision requirements. cleaning needs.
Portable laser cleaning machine
2.Cleaning without touching
Laser cleaning has a non-polish, non-contact processing mode, which can protect the surface of crisp materials from damage; minimal damage to the underlying substance, no noise pollution during processing; no chemical cleaning agent is required, which effectively avoids chemical substances causing corrosion to cleaning materials and environmental damage. It realizes zero emission in the cleaning process, overcomes the problems that cannot be solved by traditional processing methods, saves energy, saves electricity, and is safe and environmental friendly.
3. Wide use
Laser cleaning technology has a wide range of material applicability, flexible and efficient application in various industrial process. Available industries such as iron and steel metal, auto parts, aerospace, metal molds, ship building, rail transit, mining machinery, cultural relics restoration and other industries.
4. Easily remove
The portable laser cleaning machine adopts flexible cleaning method, and the handheld laser cleaning gun can realize long-distance operation, and easily cleans corner, a small, narrow space and hard-to-reach areas.
5. Easy to get started
The portable laser cleaning machine can be run when it is powered on, the interface is simple and easy to operate, the handheld laser cleaning gun is Humanized design, hold in hand is comfortable, and the hands are not tired for long-term work. Non-professionals can only operate after simple training, and intelligent and efficient laser rust removal machine saves a lot of labor costs for enterprises.

Application of laser cleaning technology in industrial field

1. The laser surface preparation of metal surfaces in the automotive industry is a unique method to support adhesive bonding that cleans with unmatched quality, repeatability, and reliability to ensure long-term adhesion performance and excellent electrical connectivity. The powerful laser cleaning machine is also used in aerospace industry for Bonding Preparation, Coating Removal, Composite lay-up tool cleaning, Partial, precise paint stripping for repair purposes.
2. For painting rollers laser cleaning technology is used in cleaning of printing machine cylinders and ink rollers (steel and ceramic rollers, but also calendar and transport rollers) and Cleaning for the transfer of adhesives for the production of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes.
3. Portable laser cleaning machine has a vital role in medical technology for the residue-free pre-treatment of stainless steel components with safe ageing resistance to hot steam sterilisation.
4. Laser cleaning machine is also used in mechanical industry, nuclear decontamination, electronics industry, rubber and machining of CFRP materials in the aerospace industry, cleaning of metallic tools and mould for the manufacturing processes of many metal components.
5. Laser cleaning technology is used in military and defence in coating removal of weapons, corrosion control, hazardous paint removal, nuclear decontamination, etc.
Laser cleaning machine
ACCTEK’S Laser cleaning machine helps to clear the metal surface of any kind. The high power laser beam technology removes unwanted material without affecting the base material. Without exposing any harmful gases, this fiber laser cleaning machine is safe for the environment as well as the humankind. The process of cleaning does not require high expertise which makes the device easy to operate by anyone. The handheld system make the device mobile and convenient to port to any surface. The portable laser cleaning machine is designed to clean at any angle and uneven surfaces with ease. Get rid of rust, grease, paint stains, oxidation area of any kind instantly with a ACCTEK Group’s smart solution.

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