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How to solve the dust problem of cnc router
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    The engraving machine market follows the trend of the carving industry.With the development of engraving industry, the market has put forward higher requirements for engraving machine manufacturers.Engraving production industry market segmentation has become more and more mature, but engraving equipment only sporadic professional series engraving machine launched, launched professional series engraving machine is the most urgent matter of the moment for engraving equipment manufacturers.Operation of humanized, concise CNC engraving machine is a major development trend.In order to meet the needs of large-scale production, the concise operating system has become the engraving machine manufacturers in urgent need of research and development projects.The simple operating system makes it possible for one person to operate several CNC engraving equipment.Perfect service system is the development of engraving machine manufacturers;The foundation of strength.The establishment of perfect service system is a problem that many engraving machine manufacturers urgently need to solve.The development of CNC engraving machine in China has been several years, and now there are more and more relevant processing plants and users will focus on this.As users, we must choose the right equipment and take good care of it.If not properly selected and used, it will not only fail to bring profits to the company, but also lead to an embarrassing situation for the company.
    In the process of woodworking carving machine, there is an important problem that has been troubling the majority of carving machine factories and users. There will be a lot of dust in the process of carving machine processing.Used in the process of woodworking engraving machine, wood dust is a headache problem, drilling and milling processing different kinds of wood, wood dust generated by the type also is not the same, wood processing will produce a large amount of wood chips, will not only affect the health of the operators, the dust can also lead to woodworking engraving machine attachment, caused the rapid aging, emissions into the surrounding environment also can affect the surrounding residents quality of life.
    Wood processing workshop, carving workshop dust all over the sky, the staff and equipment have influence, therefore, this issue has caused a lot of carving machine using customer's attention, woodworking carving machine dust prevention measures, I believe you also is not very understand, must first from the source of the production equipment of dust, selecting rational woodworking dust removal equipment, such not only can keep clear of in time processing process of sawdust, also can effectively prevent a few fine dust in the air entering the workshop, cause the entire workshop environment pollution problem.
    A lot of customers in the use of woodworking engraving machine, if there is no dust, or no vacuum will bring some harm to the machine and people.To fundamentally eliminate dust pollution, it is necessary to follow the route of comprehensive treatment, starting with production equipment, the selection of advanced and reasonable mechanical equipment, supplemented by certain dustproof and dust removal measures.But under the current conditions, the most effective measure is to choose dust removal equipment.The selection of dust removal equipment should consider the purification degree required by the operation site and the nature of dust.For large wood dust and medium wood dust can be timely collected on site, and for the most harmful fine wood dust, the traditional effective method is to use the pneumatic dust collection device or cloth bag dust collection equipment to collect.
    Woodworking engraving machine filter consists of three parts in the workshop dust cover, air ducts, outdoor bag dust collector host (also can be placed in the indoor), dust mask placed in the root of the engraving machine location, convenience of dust collection, the wood dust collection through under the negative pressure fan ventilation officer road transport to the external pulse bag dust collector, dust gas after dust bag, was cut off on the outside of bag, after purification, the gas emissions through the chimney into the surrounding environment, to complete the whole process of dust removal.
    Engraving machine industrial vacuum cleaner (woodworking engraving machine pulsed bag filter) is a compact industrial dust collection equipment, suitable for three-phase power supply, can meet the needs of customers continuously work for 24 hours, for large dust, small particle size dust workshop has this more significant effect;The installation of relevant accessories can also be applied to the workshop floor dust, manual polishing workshop dust removal and other different dust environment.
    It is worth noting that there is no installation of large vacuum CNC engraving machine equipment manufacturers, can be added in the machine itself a single suction and dust collection device, can also play a better effect.For safety reasons, operators should wear protective glasses and dust masks to protect their eyes and respiratory organs, especially workers operating on machine tools that produce fine wood dust. They should wear large masks to prevent dust from being damaged.The client that USES woodworking engraving machine please pay attention to protect respiratory tract, do not let dirt spread inside nasal cavity.

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