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How to operate the woodworking engraving machine
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    Some customers in the purchase of woodworking engraving machine will always have such or such preferential consideration, woodworking engraving machine good operation?What can I do if I can't learn?In fact, don't worry, although the woodworking carving machine is completely automated mechanical processing, but this seems to be very complex woodworking carving machine operation, as long as the heart to learn, is very easy to learn, there is nothing to learn, today small make up for the operation of woodworking carving machine to give you a simple introduction:
    1. Before using the woodworking engraving machine, first make sure that all the connection between the machine and the computer is normal, then turn on the power supply of the machine and the computer.After the system is started, enter the NCStudio NUMERICAL control system.
    2. Open the control system and select the menu back to the mechanical origin.The machine will automatically return to the mechanical origin and correct the system coordinate system.In some cases, such as after the last normal outage, restart and continue the last time the user does not have to perform a mechanical reset operation.When the NCStudio system exits normally, the current coordinate information is saved.Alternatively, if the user confirms that the current location is correct, this action may not be performed.
    3. Before processing, users generally need to load the processing program needed by searching, otherwise, some functions related to automatic processing are invalid.Select Open (F) Open (O) menu, Windows logo will pop up the quasi file action dialog box allows you to select the drive, path, and file name from which you want to open the file.After clicking the Open button, the processor loads the system.
    4. Determine the origin of the workpiece, manually walk X and Y directions of the woodworking engraving machine to the desired origin position of the workpiece, choose to set the current point as the origin menu of the workpiece, or set the coordinate value of the current position to zero in the coordinate window, so that the current position will be used as the starting point for processing when the processing program is executed.
    As normal woodworking carving factory house, actually has a specialized technician do training to the customer, so you just follow technician to learn it by heart, by the way, in the third point mentioned process, actually is the carving path, is the need for engraving software, but it is not very difficult, for batch processing of customer, can let the technician to do you need path ahead of time, you don't need to make the path.
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    Woodworking engraving machine work efficiency means that the user interests increase, this is very important for each user of a thing, believe the woodworking engraving machine operating experience of the user can realize more efficiency brought about by the huge impact, each a carving factory house is in continuously improve and perfect the performance and functionality of woodworking engraving machine, to bring more profits for the customer, but in addition to our carving factory's own responsibility, the user can also through some techniques to improve the working efficiency of the wood carving machine, today on how to improve the efficiency of woodworking engraving machine work to explain:
    1, carved in different material will have a maximum turning, and use a different tool, its turning operations are also different, therefore in the use of wood carving machining material, it is best not to use the biggest turning tool for machining, because of long time processing can result in tool wear faster, but also unable to improve the processing speed, because it is likely to cause a fast cutting knife, so the quantity of knife set to the maximum amount of two-thirds, this can increase the tool life, also can improve the processing speed so that you can save the tooling cost, and improve processing efficiency.
    2, the thickness of the material is large or small, we should determine the depth of the knife according to the actual situation, first rough processing, then finishing.When doing rough machining, cut off as much as possible, save finishing time, can also use imported tool processing.
    3. For fixed modeling that requires a lot of processing, backup the path well, so that next time will save time, there is no need to do the path again.
    Actually woodworking engraving machine work efficiency not only depends on the hardware configuration of the machine itself, the good must rely on the operating experience of the user for a long time, in a nutshell, the most important point is according to the hardness of different raw material and tool selection to determine a reasonable cutting dosage, so as to play to the advantages of the machine, to achieve the desired effect.
    Next, introduce the difference between CNC cutting machine and CNC engraving machine
    1, carving machine mainly to carve a variety of flower shape, door shape and other processing with patterns.Engraving machine can also cut material, but relative to the opening machine speed is slower.
    2, the material opening machine is mainly to open a board into different specifications of the size, is customized plate furniture material, drilling, milling groove of the special equipment, has a unique double adsorption table and auxiliary feeding roller wheel, convenient workers loading and unloading, the operation is more quick and simple.However, CNC cutting machine is the evolution of woodworking engraving machine.
    3, common woodworking engraving machine or process more woodworking engraving machine while it is possible to open, but the lathe bed structure, and mechanical components is determined by its not cutting work for a long time, otherwise it will cause deformation and mechanical precision lathe bed will be more low, CNC cutting machine, woodworking engraving machine control system was used, the design of the CNC cutting machine can cooperate with many layout optimization cutting software, can improve the utilization rate of plate and the software can automatically, automatic cutting apart, simple operation can be production, this is unmatched by common woodworking engraving machine;The bed structure and accessories used by the cutting machine are much higher than the woodworking carving machine, which can adapt to the cutting work for a long time, and the speed is very fast;Labor-saving, CNC material opening machine can cooperate with automatic feeding, automatic cutting, automatic labeling and other automation systems to truly achieve automatic production, one person can complete the operation;The suction function of the opening machine is much stronger than that of the engraving machine, and the effect of dust removal is better.
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