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How to maintain the cnc machine life
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    Woodworking carving machine has been the existence of furniture machinery industry stars.For wood engraving machine, in the use of the process, the correct way of operation is important, compared to the correct operation, understand the difference in the control way of wood engraving machine is equally important.
    The use scope that introduces woodworking engraving machine above all, apply to the production of door of door of door of furniture wood, ambry, wardrobe, office, real wood furniture, desk chair door, make its have beautiful value more.Woodworking engraving machine variety, many brands, resulting in uneven prices.
    Now let's introduce the difference of the control mode of woodworking engraving machine:
    1, all the computing work is completed by computer control, wood engraving machine in the working state of the computer, unable to do other typesetting work, may be due to the wrong operation of the computer caused waste
    2, is the use of SCM control, engraving machine work can be typesetting, but can not close the computer, can reduce the computer misoperation caused by waste
    3, USB port is used to transmit data, the system has more than 32M memory capacity, save the file can be completely separated from the computer, close the computer or other typesetting, can greatly improve work efficiency.
    Maintenance is also very important, the maintenance of our woodworking carving machine is in the persistence, which is not a overnight thing.

    The manufacturer boss that always listens to some to make furniture recently complains, why the life that the board engraving machine that oneself buy USES is short, is the channel that buys bad?In fact, brand manufacturers is on the one hand, on the other hand, you may have made these mistakes, is this place is not in place, the following with small make up together to see:
    After the completion of the wood engraving machine work should be timely to clean the table, for the guide beside the material debris should also be timely clean, to prevent the occurrence of stuck machine phenomenon;The lead screw is very important in the equipment. It determines the accuracy of the machine, so it is also very important to clean the lead screw regularly, which can effectively prevent foreign objects from adhering to the lead screw.Dust is the circuit board the biggest influence factor, must clean the industrial control box regularly.
    Oiling plays an important role in the maintenance of wood engraving machine.Clean the guide rail and lead screw and apply the oil;Refueling cycle is usually twice a week;Remember to walk back and forth slowly after filling the oil to ensure the degree of lubrication;Even if the wood engraving machine is not used for a long time, it should be regularly refueling empty.
    We all know that the mechanical equipment of the board customized furniture production line needs regular testing and maintenance to ensure its excellent performance. During the testing process, we may often ignore the testing of newly replaced parts.
    Before the replacement of parts, some maintenance personnel do not do technical inspection of new parts, after taking directly installed on the construction machinery, this practice is not scientific.At present, the quality of spare parts sold on the market is uneven, some counterfeit and shoddy accessories and some accessories due to inventory time is too long, performance changes, such as not tested, often cause failure after assembly.
    After taking off the side cover of the new oil cooler, it was found that the oil sealing ring at the side cover was not compacted, resulting in the mixing of oil and water. The reason was that the oil cooler was of poor quality.1 ZL50 loader, diesel engine oil pressure is too low, analysis is clogged oil filter, replaced a new oil filter, test machine oil pressure is still low.Therefore, before the replacement of new parts must be necessary inspection and testing, including appearance and performance tests, to ensure that the new parts are trouble-free, eliminate the unnecessary trouble caused by it.
    Although regular inspection and replacement of damaged parts of panel furniture production line can effectively reduce the probability of failure, we also need to test the quality and matching degree of newly replaced parts, so as to enable the normal operation of mechanical equipment.So as not to delay our progress!

    Engraving machine for precision numerical control equipment, necessary routine maintenance and maintenance is very important to the service life of the machine and precision, the first important thing is keep the engraving machine clean and smooth movement, carving machine is water-cooled spindle spindle, so necessary equipment is the water pump and water, because the engraving machine every day work time is very long, so want to keep the water clean and clean, and must not water shortage phenomenon in a spindle motor, the summer or work environment regularly replace the cooling water temperature is high, in order to prevent the water temperature is too high.Winter if the temperature of the working environment of CNC engraving machine is too low to change the water in the water tank into antifreeze, to ensure the normal work of the machine.
    To introduce the engraving machine rust after the treatment
    First consider the painter urgent derusting method or physical method derusting: by craft knock, shovel, scrape, brush, sand or soft file method to eliminate surface rust, oxide scale.Also can use the thing such as spade knife, scraper, pointed head hammer, steel wire brush, emery cloth, broken saw blade, also be concise method.
    If maintenance is not timely, stone carving machine due to the factors of the working environment.Spindle motor is very simple rust, fine rust does not affect the normal use of spindle motor, but if not for a long time, will shorten the life of the spindle motor.
    There is also a chemical way to remove rust: you can use WD-40 to clean the lubricant.In about half an hour, you can wipe off the rust from the stone carving machine with cotton cloth. If the rust is fierce, you can get wD-40 non-conductive again, and it has excellent lubrication effect.

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