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How to maintain fiber laser cutting machine well?
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The fiber laser cutting machine helps the metal fabrication shops to increase productivity, and the correct maintenance can keep the machine efficient performance and long-term stable operation, which will bring better profits.
However, some metal manufacturers are just busy cutting with laser machines and neglect the regular maintenance of them. In the long run, this is not beneficial. If you repair the fiber laser cutting machine when it fails, you will need to invest more repair time and expense. Ignoring the daily maintenance of the machine, after a period of use, it may cause problems such as poor metal cutting quality and slower cutting speed. Therefore, how to maintain the fiber laser cutting machine is an important matter.
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keep clean

The simplest and yet most often overlooked step in keeping your Fiber Laser Cutting at its peak is to keep it clean. The operator must empty all slag and garbage in the drawer/waste bin after each cutting job. Next, clean the cutting table, so that when you cut the next time, the material will not tilt or slide when it is placed flat on the surface.
Likewise, it is important to clean the area around the equipment. Any debris or rubbish around the machine may pose a safety hazard. Therefore, after the daily metal cutting work is over, the area needs to be cleaned and thoroughly inspected. Check whether the various connecting wires are loose and tidy them to prevent staff from tripping and injury.

Keep the cooling system normal

Because the fiber laser cutting system is essentially a thermal cutting process. In the metal cutting process, a lot of heat is generated, so it is very important to fully cool them. Coolers are a critical part of any fiber laser equipment, so operators must check regularly to ensure they are working properly. Coolant level, coolant quality, filters, and fans should be inspected and cleaned at intervals specified by the machine manufacturer. These routine maintenance can avoid major repairs caused by cooling system problems.
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Check your auxiliary gas

Fiber laser machines often need to use auxiliary gas when cutting metals such as stainless steel and carbon steel. These gases can make metal workpieces with higher cutting quality. If you want to cut smoothly every time, the gas must be kept clean and free of pollutants. The contaminated gas will greatly affect the cutting quality.
In addition, you also need to pay attention to the problem of gas leakage. Leakage will not only affect equipment performance, but also a safety hazard for operators. Checking for gas leaks in fiber laser cutting machines is fairly simple. First, make sure the machine is turned off. Then, after replacing the gas cylinder, use a rag with a soapy water solution rubbed around the gas line connections. Any leaks will result in the soapy solution forming bubbles around the leaking fitting.
Fiber laser cutting machine is an essential equipment that every metal manufacturing shop should have. These equipment can significantly increase the production speed of the workshop when carrying out metal cutting projects. In the long run, keeping fiber lasers well maintained is beneficial to manufacturers. Preventive maintenance will extend the service life of the machine and provide the best cutting performance, bringing more benefits to the manufacturer.
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