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How to improve the working efficiency of laser cutting machine?
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In the current sheet metal processing industry, it is more common to use laser cutting machines for processing, because laser cutting machines have the characteristics of efficient and flexible processing, which can solve the inconvenience caused by traditional CNC punching. The principle is to irradiate the surface of the steel plate with a high-energy laser beam to release energy to melt and evaporate the steel plate on the irradiated surface to achieve the cutting effect.

Therefore, in the process of using laser cutting machines, some customers will also mention the lower efficiency of laser cutting machines compared to CNC machine tools. How should we solve it?
 First of all, we should consider the machine tool. The machine itself must be carefully inspected. The machine tool is a large component that tests the stability of the laser cutting machine. For the machine tool, the running speed of the machine tool mainly depends on the motor, reducer and guide rail rack. Wait to collaborate. Therefore, if you want to improve efficiency, the maintenance of these components is indispensable.  
 The second is the replacement of the optical lens; the laser is mainly emitted by the laser and then focused by the cutting head to achieve the cutting effect. There are many optical lenses in the cutting head, and the light is used for beam expansion and focusing through the optical lenses. Because the working environment of the laser cutting machine is very harsh, the optical lens will pollute the lens with dust after a long time. At this time, the transmittance of the laser will be greatly reduced and the cutting efficiency will be reduced. Therefore, the optical lenses also need regular maintenance and replacement.

Then there is the upgrade of the laser; for some customers, the cutting efficiency is very slow when cutting thick plates. This is because the power of the laser is too small. Therefore, if you want a faster cutting effect, increase the power of the laser cutting machine, that is, upgrade The laser is the most efficient method.
   After the efficiency of the laser cutting machine is improved, the processing efficiency of the product will be improved. For factories in need, some high-power laser equipment is required. High-power laser equipment is fast and can accelerate the completion of orders, but it also requires high-power support. Sheet metal processing manufacturers are more suitable to use high-power laser equipment, and if the company’s own production capacity is insufficient, the use of high-power laser equipment is a bit wasteful. The use and maintenance costs of high-power laser cutting machines are relatively high. For enterprises, high-power laser equipment is not very suitable, so you need to understand your own needs and the configuration of the laser cutting machine manufacturer before buying.
AKJ1530FBR--Fully enclosed laser cutting machine with second worktable and rotating shaft

Fully enclosed design

 It has a completely enclosed design and replaceable table top, and the observation window adopts European CE standard laser protective glass. The flue gas generated by cutting can be filtered indoors, which is pollution-free and environmentally friendly. It has double workbenches, and workers can put materials on the second table when they work for the first time, which makes it easy to change materials.

Tube shaft

Used for cutting round and square tubes. It adopts double-sided electric clamp design, which can cut 20-200mm diameter pipes.

Light laser generator

The company has an efficient and professional R&D and production team. Now the laser output connector is QBH, with multiple control modes. The single-module CW fiber laser series can not only meet the diverse needs of customers to the greatest extent, but also provide personalized customized services.
High-power laser cutting machines have a more complete accessory system and higher standard design requirements. If you want to know more about laser cutting machines, please follow our official website, We have a strong technical team and a complete after-sales service system.

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